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According to the police, a  man shot his grandfather and aunt, then killed his cousin after his family questioned him about drug use. Ruben Warren Williams, his cousin, Carlton Tillman, 27, apparently faces various charges, including second-degree murder, during a violent assault that began over an argument with his grandfather over drugs. When Williams’ grandfather asked if he was smoking marijuana, he is said to have fired on his grandfather and aunt on Saturday morning at their home in Miami-Dade, Florida. The two were seriously injured during the shooting, and police said the suspect shot Tillman fatally shortly after. Following the alleged shooting frenzy, police said Williams had left the house, got into a woman’s car, put a gun to her head and yelled at her to drive. He is said to have held him hostage at gunpoint for several hours, according to the Miami Dade Police Department.

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He Is 19 Year Old

Ruben Williams Arrest, Investigation

Police documents state that Williams shot his grandfather and aunt at around 11:15 p.m. on March 6, following the confrontation about drug use. Local Police No. 10 claims he had gunshot wounds on his back. Meanwhile, Williams aunt was injured by a bullet in the upper part of her body, according to the report. Police said he was accused of going to the living room of the house where he injured the couple and shot Tillman, his cousin, after he shot them. Tillman collapsed on the kitchen floor where the Miami-Dade Fire Department found him dead from multiple gunshot wounds. Detective Kristopher Welch from the Miami Dade Police Department said about the shootings: “There was a verbal disagreement that escalated inside the house and caused fire to be opened.”

Police later said that Williams saw his aunt outside and began chasing her while shooting at her. According to the report, he managed to escape from the gunman by running to a neighbor’s garden. Williams is later accused of shooting and injuring a neighbor’s barking dog before he escaped the scene by taking him hostage in his car and ordering him to drive. Police said the suspect jumped into the passenger side of a roadside vehicle and the woman in the driver’s seat held a gun to Williams’s head and yelled at him to drive it.
The victim told the police that he had requested his phone and wedding ring, and said that Williams held him at gunpoint and forced him to walk around for several hours. Witnesses told police that they had seen Williams enter the woman’s black vehicle. The police also contacted Williams’ sister, saying they kidnapped a woman for her car. Police eventually found and arrested Williams on Saturday night, and as of Tuesday, he was behind bars at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. Williams’ grandfather and aunt are in critical condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center.