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Roxana Sanchez Wiki – Roxana Sanchez Biography

In Florida, a mother of two was shot and killed in the driveway by two men who followed her home in the mall and killed her before escaping what the police call incompetent car theft.

Roxana Sanchez, was killed on May 8 after returning home from shopping with a friend. The friend was driving and the two women walked into Roxana’s driveway at 12:30 while her husband and two sons were sleeping at home.

Roxana Sanchez Age

She Was 36 Year Old

Roxana Sanchez Shot & Killed, Investigation And Fast Facts

36-year-old mother of two shot dead by two men following her home on the Orlando driveway while ‘clumsy car kidnapping’

  • Roxana Sanchez was shot dead in the passenger seat of her friend’s car on May 8.
  • She went out with a friend for shopping and dinner
  • The two men followed them to Roxana’s house and then approached them in the driver’s and passenger seats in the driveway.
  • They banged the windows, telling the women to get out – Roxanna’s friend turned over in fear
  • That’s when the car thief on Roxana’s side opened fire; two suspects then ran away
  • It is unclear why they targeted Roxana and her friend or if there were other car hijacks in the area.
  • Roxana’s family says they were miserable; They raised $ 23,000 from a GoFundMe for hospital care and funeral
Two men identified by the police as black male suspects followed them there.

When Roxana and her friend’s car stopped, the two men got out of their vehicle and approached them, smashing into the windows and telling the women to get out.

The driver panicked and stepped back, crashing into the suspects’ car. She prompted one of the men – the one on Roxana’s side – to open fire.

The men then fled and Roxana was taken to the hospital where she died.

Now, the police are looking for two suspects. They released surveillance footage showing their cars in the area close to the time of the shooting. It remains unclear what type of car Roxana and her friend were in or why they were targeted.

It is also unclear whether there are other car jacks in the area recently.

In a statement, Roxana’s husband Douglas Meijia said: ‘My wife was a very affectionate person. It was my mountain in this relationship. ‘

The couple had two sons.

On a GoFundMe page, her sister raised more than $ 34,000 to pay the family’s medical bills and funeral expenses.

The most devoted, loving person who makes everyone feel that they are a part of his family. If you met him or just talked to him once, you would understand what I’m talking about. It was my soundboard for rock and everything.

She had a contagious smile and always received the best advice.

She changed our lives and helped us as best She could. While her husband and children were sleeping, she was senselessly shot and killed in the driveway.

These cowards didn’t think about how it would seriously affect the life of him and those around him.

“Without a loving and caring mother, they killed her without thinking of leaving her two young children, a husband who is not the love of her life, her sisters without the glue that holds the family together, and the best daughter a parent can have.” Said.

Nobody was arrested.