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British mother dies after £ 2,000 mock lift operation at a ‘back street clinic’ in Brazil
Ronilza Johnson a resident of England, died in the hospital of Anapolis, Brazil, on the night of May 1.

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She Was 46 Year Old

Ronilza Johnson Died

A British mother from England died in hospital after undergoing bum augmentation at a back street clinic in Brazil.

Ronilza Johnson, 46, reportedly a resident of England, passed away on the night of May 1 at the hospital in the Brazilian municipality of Anapolis.

She was hospitalized on 31 March after suffering complications after a failed hip augmentation surgery at a secret clinic in the same municipality a week ago.

The surgeon who performed the procedure is named Lucas Santana. Police say She is responsible for bodily injury, unauthorized drug administration, and fraudulent misrepresentation.

According to the researchers, the biomedical scientist introduced himself to Ronilza as a doctor and said that he would perform the surgery with the help of a medical student.
Ronilza lived in England and was visiting his father in Brazil. It is reported that he decided to implement the procedure on the advice of some of his friends in the country.

Santana injected polymethyl methacrylate, more commonly known as PMMA, into Ronilza’s hips. Although the Brazilian Dermatological Association is not prohibited, it does not recommend its use for this procedure.

The chemical compound has been reported to cause serious infections in Ronilza’s body, causing bruising and open wounds.
She reported the suspects to the police by phone after She fell ill and was hospitalized about a week after the procedure.

Ronilza paid 9,000 BRL (1,194 GBP) for hip augmentation and nasal bioplasty, which the police said were performed illegally.
They named the other suspect as Thierry Cardoso, a medical student in Bolivia.

Police officers searched the secret clinic and homes of both suspects on April 30.

Officers from Cardoso’s home in the municipality of Leopoldo de Bulhoes seized “countless” drugs, some drugs of foreign origin, and empty prescriptions.
The products were also seized from the unlicensed clinic closed by the health authorities. The investigation is ongoing, and the police said they could seek permission to preemptively detain the suspects.

Ronilza Johnson surpasses a girl named Amberly Johnson by local media outlets G1 and Metropoles. Her daughter’s age is unknown.