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Was an American football bookie in the National Football League (NFL) for Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers.

Ron Widby, the 1967 Southeast Conference player of the year in basketball and betting for the Dallas Cowboys’ first Super Bowl championship, is dead. He was 75 years old. Widby, who lives in Allen, Texas, died on Tuesday. His health has been bad in recent years. Widby, a native of Knoxville, Tennessee, played in the NFL for six seasons, starting his career with the Dallas Cowboys after being originally drafted by the New Orleans Saints in 1967.


He played 81 matches in the NFL, and the punt he played at 84 yards in 1968 was Dallas’s longest cleavage record. Widby bet an average of 42 yards for his career and ended his NFL career in Green Bay with two seasons. In his first season with Packers, Widby completed just two passes of his career, including one touchdown. He was selected in three professional drafts in two sports. In addition to New Orleans choosing him in 1967, Widby was selected by the New Orleans Buccaneers in the 1967 ABA audition and the Chicago Bulls in the NBA draft that same year.

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HE waas 75 Year Old

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After Widby came to college in her hometown, she initially decided to concentrate on basketball due to her high school injury. Although he did not participate in spring or autumn training with the freshman football team – at that time freshmen were not allowed to do NCAA college sports – the football team held him on a scholarship in hopes that it would change his mind. As it turned out, the football coaching team went to head basketball coach Ray Mears and told them they needed a bookie. Mears had no problem with Widby playing in this position, and as Widby recalled in 2011, “I’ve always enjoyed gambling in football.” He also played in baseball, another of his high school sports, in his freshman team, reaching approximately .400. [2nd] As a sophomore (1964–65), he gained starting positions in both football and basketball. At 74 punts, it averaged 41.1 yards. He also reached about .300 in his one season on the baseball team but he felt bored with the sport. When it was small, it averaged 42.8 yards in 20 clearances.  He also met Tennessee’s golf coach who learned that Widby was on Fulton’s college golf team, and invited him to try it out for the team. Widby would continue to win a letter at golf. [

He had the unusual situation that his football team played in the 1965 Bluebonnet Bowl and at the same time his basketball team was participating in the Gulf South Classic, so the game schedule required it to fly between Shreveport and Houston. . Sports columnist Ron Higgins said in 2011, “Few athletes in SEC history had a better final year than Ron in both football and basketball in 1966-67.” As a final year student in football, he led the nation in 48 punts with a betting average of 43.8 yards, while in basketball he averaged 22.1 points and 8.7 rebounds, leading Volunteers to a conference title.  The second team in basketball was named All-American and also became the SEC’s Basketball Player of the Year. [He scored 50 points in his last regular season match against Louisiana State University and ended his college career with 576 points.

Widby was selected in three professional stubs across two sports. The New Orleans Saints picked him in the fourth round (81st overall) of the 1967 NFL Draft.  That same year, he was selected by the New Orleans Buccaneers in the ABA Draft and was selected by the Chicago Bulls in the 12th round of the 1967 NBA Draft. Although basketball was his favorite sport, he signed a deal with the Saints for a $ 50,000 bonus and failed to beat rookie freelancer Tom McNeill, who was released in August. [8] New Orleans Pirates (ABA) Unable to make the Saints’ inaugural squad,[ he signed with the New Orleans Buccaneers of the American Basketball Association and played with this team during the 1967-68 American Basketball Association season. Dallas cowboys It was signed by the Dallas Cowboys after being released from The Saints on September 13, 1967.


He was appointed to the Oklahoma City Plainsmen of the Continental Football League before returning to the team’s taxi squad in December. In 1968 he became the first bookie and placed fifth in the league with an average of 40.9 yards. He had a franchise and an NFL record, made a 84-yard bet against his former team Saints (the same game had a 56-yard bet) and set a second club mark, averaging 53.4 yards per bet. In 1969, he volunteered his # 12 jersey to the salon of the future celebrity Roger Staubach, who resigned from the naval commission to join the Cowboys. He placed second in the league with an average of 43.3 yards. In 1970, he placed second in NFC with an average of 41.3 yards. He also broke a Super Bowl record with nine gambling attempts while playing against the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl V. In 1971, he placed third in the NFC with an average of 41.6 yards. He played in the Super Bowl VI and became the second Cowboys bookie to be selected to the Pro Bowl (Sam Baker was the first).