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Ron Paul shared on Twitter that Facebook temporarily blocked his account for “violating community standards,” but he didn’t know why. Despite the message stating that his account has committed multiple violations, he posted that his account had not received a previous warning.


Account Was Temporarily Blocked for Violating Community Standards

Ron Paul’s Facebook account received the warning on Monday, January 11th.

He wrote on Twitter: “‘It prevented me from managing my @Facebook page without any explanation other than consistently violating our community standards. In the past we have received no reports of community standards violations, and the disturbing post has not been detected anywhere.

In the message he shared on his tweet, he read that his account had “Limited Page Functionality”. The message continued: “Because you have repeatedly violated our Community Standards, you are temporarily blocked from creating new Pages and managing your existing Pages. Check out our Community Standards to see what’s violated on Facebook.”

However, Paul said his account had not previously received a notice of violations from Facebook.

He added that the only thing they sent on the day they received the message was their weekly column, “Texas Straight Talk”, which has been published since 1976.

A post posted four hours before it was posted on Twitter shows a column titled “War on Terror is Coming Home” posted on its Facebook page. It is unclear whether this is the column he refers to on Twitter.


Shortly after Ron Paul shared what happened, his son Rand Paul took to Twitter and called out Facebook for what happened.

Rand Paul wrote: “Facebook now sees advocacy for freedom as strife. Where will it end

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