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Roger Reece Kibbe (May 21, 1939 – February 28, 2021) was an American serial killer and rapist known as the “I-5 Strangler”. Kibbe found all but one of his victims on the highways around Sacramento, California. On May 10, 1991, Kibbe was sentenced to 25 years for the murder of Darcie Frackenpohl and, at least initially, for serving in the Pleasant Valley State Penitentiary.

In 2003, Kibbe escorted prosecutors and detectives to a dry stream where he remembered trying to find the body of Lou Ellen Burleigh, whom he had thrown in 1977. In 2007, a detective searched the area again. Kibbe returned to the site with detectives in 2009. Burleigh’s body was not found and the Grand Jury convened.

After a bargain to avoid the death penalty, Kibbe, Lora Heedick, Barbara Ann Scott, Stephanie Brown, Charmaine Sabrah, Katherine Kelly Quinones, and Lou Ellen Burleigh on November 5, 2009.

In 2011, a detective returned to the Burleigh dump site on his own and found a bone in the stream. DNA testing proved that it belongs to Burleigh. Burleigh had left his home in Walnut Creek, California for a job interview in 1977 but never returned.

Kibbe kidnapped his victims, tied them with parachute rope and silenced them with duct tape. She then began to open her clothes by cutting them irregularly with scissors belonging to her mother. Sometimes he drowned his victims with the telegram he threw in the air. [8] He then raped them and strangled them to death. Kibbe also cut off most of his victims’ hair to remove the duct tape before leaving the scene.

Kibbe died at 12.45 pm on February 28, 2021 at Mule Creek State Penitentiary. An officer made the discovery; Kibbe’s 40-year-old cellmate reportedly stood standing when the body was found. His death is investigated as murder.

More Investigation

A serial killer who raped and strangled at least eight women was brutally murdered in prison. Roger Kibbe, 81, was killed in Mule Creek State Prison in Amador County, California, shortly after midnight on Sunday. Details of how he was killed or who was behind the murder have yet to be disclosed. A murder investigation has also been launched into the killing of Kibbe, Sacramento Bee reported. The Kibbe was known as the I-5 Strangler, which took seven of its eight victims on highways around Sacramento. It targeted collapsed women or vulnerable victims living on the margins of society. The first known victim of the Kibbe was killed in September 1977, and the woman who was confirmed to drown almost ten years later died. The killer left random cuts on his victims’ clothes as a crooked “signature” to indicate that each of the murders he committed was behind him.
In 1991, he was convicted of the 1987 murder of 17-year-old fugitive Darcie Frackenpohl. Detectives investigating this case believed Kibbe was responsible for other murders, and eventually made them break in 2008. Kibbe, to the death of Barbara Ann Scott, 29, Lora Heedrick, 20, Stephanie Brown, 19, and Charmaine Sabrah, all of whom were killed in 1986. He accused Kibbe of murdering 21-year-old Lou Ellen Burleigh, the earliest known victim in 1977. He is also strongly suspected of murdering 25-year-old Karen Finch, a seventh victim killed in June 1987, and sex worker Robbin Simpson, who disappeared shortly after his release from Sacramento County Prison in April 1987.