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Who Is Roger Brownwell? Wiki, Bio, Arrest, Raped, Bio, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Roger Brownwell Wiki

Roger Brownwell of Woodbridge. He was accused of severe rape and misdemeanor that contributed to the guilt of a minor.

Roger Brownwell Age

He Is 23 Year Old.

Roger Brownwell Arrest, Raping 12-Year-old Girl, Investigation’

According to the police, a Virginia man who was arrested for raping a 12-year-old girl, met the boy via social media.

Fredericksburg Police said the victim’s mother contacted officers on January 14 and believed her 12-year-old daughter “had sex with an adult man. Police arrested Roger Brownwell, 23, from Woodbridge. Severe rape and misdemeanor that contributed to the guilt of a minor.” Detectives said that Brownwell met the victim on social media before sneaking into the boy’s home at night to attack the boy on two different occasions.

According to the police, Brownwell is being held in Rappahannock District Prison.


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