Who Is Rocky Mount & Jacob Fracker? Wiki, Bio, Age, Arrested, More Facts

Rocky Mount & Jacob Fracker Wiki – Arrested

Fracker and Robertson were charged with intentionally entering or staying there on any restricted building or grounds without legal authority, and once on the grounds of Capitol, they were charged with violent entry and erratic behavior, the office said on Wednesday.

According to a statement from the US Army, Fracker is serving as an 11B infantryman at a traditional National Guard station. The military said it is currently not on duty with the Virginia National Guard units in Washington DC.

The office said both officers were not on duty when they were photographed on the Capitol, allegedly making suggestive gestures in front of the statue of Revolutionary Combat general John Stark.


Arrest Investigation Reports

The US Attorney General said they did not hide that the men attacked the Capitol on social media.

According to the office, Robertson said in a deleted social media post: “CNN and Sol are crazy that we are not just attacking a random small business, but the government at issue.”

The office said Fracker commented on a Facebook post: “To anyone concerned about my picture hanging around … Sorry I hate freedom? … I did nothing illegal.

He and Robertson are on administrative leave, according to the Rocky Mount Police Department.

Whether Robertson had a lawyer was not immediately clear on Friday. A spokesperson for Fracker’s lawyer said they could not comment on an active case. Fracker and Robertson did not make phone calls to the numbers listed for them on Friday.

Robertson told CBS member WDBJ7 on Sunday that he was in the back of the Capitol, where he said he had not witnessed any riots, violence or tear gas.

“We were allowed to be where we are and water bottles were given to us by the Capitol police and they told us where we could go and where we couldn’t go,” Robertson told the station.

The NBC member told WSLS that his picture was taken “long after any disorder”.

Capitol Police spokesperson told NBC News in an e-mail Friday that investigators were reviewing video and footage of some officers who were seen to have violated their policies for “disciplinary action” on the day of the attack. termination. ”

According to the ministry, several civil servants were dismissed until the conclusion of their investigation.

According to The Roanoke Times newspaper, Fracker made a statement on Tuesday saying his actions were “an expression of grief towards what many Americans see as tyranny”.

According to the newspaper, Fracker, like Robertson, remained unchanged despite numerous hand counts, audits, legal difficulties and investigations into voter fraud, which found nothing to support President Donald Trump’s lie that the election was stolen.

The statement did not directly address the allegations that he and Robertson were involved in the Capitol rebellion.

Fracker and Robertson were among the dozens of pro-Trump rebels federal investigators sought after the Capitol riot, and five people died, including a police officer.

Among the two facing charges are a West Virginia legislator, an Arizona QAnon supporter who appears to be carrying a 6-foot spear, and a Florida man photographed from the tribune of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.