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On May 15, 2006, Chuck Kaczmarczyk called 911 and reported that he found his friend Robert McClancy’s body dead in his bed. According to court documents, McClancy had a bottle of pills in one hand and an unfired gun in the other, and the crime scene pointed to suicide.

McClancy was a former United States seafarer who had served in Vietnam and was loved by everyone who knew him. He suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder while serving his country. After his service in the military, Oxygen worked as a sheriff detective in Florida, where he met his wife Martha Ann McClancy and moved to Tennessee when the two retired.

In 2006, the veteran attended an inpatient program to help with PTSD, where he met Kaczmarczyk, who would become a close friend even after the program was over. However, only months after Kaczmarczyk reported his friend’s death to the authorities, he married McClancy’s widow. The two later pleaded guilty to murder, which the judge described as “the worst crime he has ever seen,” at WATE 2016, and Martha McClancy was later sentenced to a maximum of 50 years in prison, although it was reduced to 25 years. . McClancy’s autopsy revealed that the veteran died from an antidepressant overdose, but the pattern of death is still listed ambiguously and the question remains about the apparent suicide. I felt that Bob would never intentionally overdose. One of McClancy’s friends told Oxygen he’s a Catholic, and I knew this was the furthest thing from his mind. ”

Less than five months after McClancy’s death, his widow Martha Ann married Kaczmarczyk in Las Vegas, Nevada. The two had embraced a lavish holiday lifestyle, buying expensive jewelery and more.

Things began to unravel for the new couple as inspectors from the Veterans Affairs Office of the Inspector General began investigating Kaczmarczyk’s war mission allegations and military background, Oxygen reported. They discovered that he was actually not a veteran of the Vietnam war and had never seen a war before, but collected disability checks from the government. Investigators also claimed that McClancy was active in his backyard and needed to use a wheelchair to collect his injury checks.

Kaczmarczyk and Martha Ann McClancy Found Evidence of Participation in the Death of McClancy’s Son, Robert McClancy, While in Federal Prison
After Kaczmarczyk and Martha Ann McClancy admitted to federal crimes, McClancy gave his son a power of attorney to run his business and gave him access to his computers. His son, Sean McGavic, told Oxygen that he found pictures of Robert McClancy in various poses on his laptop and said, “None of them looked right. … What happens to Bob every day seems to be malicious. ”

McGavic contacted the authorities, who had begun to examine the case in more detail, and decided to meet with Kaczmarczyk, who was long in federal prison on fraud charges. Kaczmarczyk confessed to the authorities and said that Robert McClancy planned to be killed with Martha Ann McClancy and poisoned her husband by keeping her prescription drugs in her food and increasing the dose until she overdosed.

According to court documents, Kaczmarczyk told the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation: “My first understanding was that he overdosed him by putting the drug in his food. Martha Ann told me that she would overdose Bob so that we could be together and when he quoted it would look like another overdose he had when he drove him away with his drug overdose history. ”

When he found McClancy on May 15, 2006, he admitted that he had staged the crime scene with a pill bottle, gun, and “resurrection” order because he “thought he would look better and look like he had committed suicide.” She also stated that she knew that Martha Ann McClancy had forged her will to obtain her own interests after her husband’s death.