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Robert Gieswein Wiki – Charged

Federal officials continue to blame the rebels who participated in the siege of Capitol Hill.

Robert Gieswein, part of the extremist Three Percent Group on oath-keepers, was accused of attacking a federal officer with bear spray and a baseball bat.

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Robert Gieswein Arrest Investigation Reports

According to court documents, Gieswein “encouraged other rebels who broke the glass of the Capitol building; entered… and then charged through the Capitol. ”

An FBI statement confirmed that Gieswein led a special paramilitary training group called Woodland Wild Dogs and that a patch was identified for this group that appeared on the tactical vest he wore during the attack on Congress.

The statement said Gieswein gave a media interview reflecting anti-Jewish conspiracy theories, and that Congress “needed to dismiss corrupt politicians.” Pelosi, Clintons … each one, Biden, Kamala. ”

Another New York resident was also arrested on Monday, according to federal court documents.

Nicholas Moncada, a 20-year-old former student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan, was detained at his home in Staten Island. Prosecutors allegedly broadcast live his “storm” on the Capitol on January 6th.

Moncada allegedly posted a selfie that read “outside of Pelosi’s office” in the Capitol Building.

According to court documents, he was recognized by FIT students and later warned the FBI of his participation.

Moncada was an illustration department, but has not enrolled in the school since May 2020 and has not received a degree, FIT spokesperson told ABC News.

Moncada’s lawyer, Mario Gallucci, told ABC News that he was not facing any violent charges. Mr. Moncada was detained by the FBI this morning and accused of trespassing inside a restricted building and disrupting or obstructing the conduct of Government affairs, as well as trespassing on the floor. Composed of several Government chambers such as the Capitol Building, the lobby adjacent to the floor and the Rayburn Room of the Congress House, Galluci said, “I don’t believe he has been accused of any acts of violence. Mr. Moncada denies any involvement in the Government toppling effort and looks forward to defending his good name.”

Prosecutors allegedly sent his selfie at the Capitol to a relative of the girlfriend of Freeport resident Thomas Fee in New York. He was charged by the authorities, but not in custody.

Fee, 53, allegedly wrote “at the tip of the spear,” referring to the Capitol rotunda, according to court documents.

The charge went to Washington, D.C. on January 5, and a license plate reader in New York took the Chevy Tahoe he used on his return on January 7, according to court documents.

Dozens of rebels who participated in the siege were detained.

Last week, the man in a hooded “Camp Auschwitz”, Olympic gold medalist swimmer Klete Keller, and several law enforcement officers were arrested in connection with the riot.