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Robert Aaron Long was identified as a suspect accused of shooting five people at a spa in Woodstock, Cherokee County, Georgia, and Atlanta officials said it was “likely” that he fired on two more hot springs about an hour later. Eight people were killed in three gun attacks. Six of the victims were Asian.

Robert Aaron Long Age

He is 21 Year Old

Robert Aaron Long Shooting, Investigation

police are investigating whether firearms are caused by a racist cause.

Lawmakers alleged that he entered the Young’s Asian Massage Parlor on Georgia Highway 92 and opened fire at around 17:00, shooting five people in Woodstock, a suburb of Atlanta near Acworth, killing four of them. Authorities alleged that he later went to nearby Atlanta and opened fire on two additional Asian hot springs, Gold Spa and Aromatherapy, killing four more. He was detained in Crisp County, about 200 miles away. Lawmakers named the 21-year-old Woodstock man as a suspect at 20:30. They announced that he had been arrested minutes later. The FBI is also interested in the investigation. Surveillance footage showed the suspect Young’s Asian Massage Hall fleeing the scene, which helped authorities identify him as a possible suspect in armed conflicts in Atlanta and see his vehicle in Crisp County. License plate readers also stated that Long’s vehicle was near the scene during the second and third shootings.

Long has been described as a quiet, religious person who loves guns and hunting.

Here’s what you need to know:

Long was heavily involved in his Church, and an old classmate said, “He doesn’t even swear.

Long was described as a religious person by a former classmate at Sequoyah High School. The 21-year-old student graduated in 2017. Her classmate said that Long’s father was a priest and looked “innocent” and “nerd. “He looked so innocent to his classmate The Daily Beast and wouldn’t even swear.” “He was a bit of a nerd and as far as I remember it didn’t seem violent. He was a hunter and his father was a youth minister or a priest. He was great on religion.”

Crabapple First Baptist Church’s social media posts Long and his family have a long history with the church. Long’s father is not listed as a pastor in the church. The elders of the church made a statement to Heavy.com saying they were “sorry” and “heartbroken”.

“We are very saddened to hear the tragic news of so many deaths in the Atlanta area. We are heartbroken for everyone involved, ”he said. “We feel sorry for the victims and their families, and we continue to pray for them. Moreover, we go crazy about the Long family and continue to pray for them as well. ”

The inscriptions show that he attended the church with his mother, father and younger sister. His mother organized events such as a movie night with a cotton candy machine in the church. A Facebook post, now deleted, featured Long’s testimony at her baptism in 2018. He said he was baptized for the second time.

“As many of you will remember, when I was 8 I thought I was a Christian and was baptized at that time. And I remember many reasons for this, many of my friends in my Sunday class were doing this. And after that time there was no root fruit that was our salvation, ”he said, referring to the scriptures.

The biblical passage means that a person’s actions must reflect his inner walk with God. He goes on to say that he joined a seventh-grade youth group and heard the biblical story about the extravagant son.

When the son goes and wastes all he has and lives completely for himself, and then he realizes that he wants to eat pig food, he realizes that there is a problem and he goes back to his father and his father runs to him and hugs him. And by the grace of God I was able to make the connection there and realize that this is the story of what happened between me and God. “I completely avoided living for myself and he still wants me and that’s when I was saved.”

He has long used his second name Aaron.

“Yesterday we had the joy of witnessing Aaron Long’s baptism!” He wrote. Please watch this video to hear that Long’s testimony also dealt with the church’s Student Ministry Team in 2018, according to the minutes of the seniors meeting. He was one of 11 people who served as a team member “who existed to see the disciples take Jesus Christ as Lord and take root in faith as he walks through Him.”

The Daily Beast reported that an Instagram account that “appeared to belong” to Long confessed to his love for God and weapons.

“Pizza, guns, drums, music, family and God. This pretty much sums up my life. “It’s a slogan for an account, a pretty good life.”

Cherokee County Sheriff’s aides shared surveillance footage of the shot suspect fleeing the scene. About three hours after the conflict, Long was arrested in Crisp County, about 200 miles south of the scene and about two and a half hours by car from the original shooting site.

The Cherokee Sheriff’s office is calling 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long from Woodstock. Ashley Thompson of CBS 46 wrote on Twitter shortly before her arrest. A suspect filming on Hwy 92 near Acworth this afternoon. He is a dark 4-door Hyundai Tucson (with tag number RZR8983 believed to damage the driver’s side of the vehicle.

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office posted a photo of the suspect on Facebook earlier in the day.

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office posted a photo of the suspect on Facebook earlier in the day.

Cherokee County Sheriff wrote “Please share” on Facebook. “Bells Ferry Rd. Suspect firing more than one shot on nearby Hwy 92 If anyone recognizes this suspect or his vehicle, please call 911.

This footage and surveillance footage of other businesses helped Long identify as a suspect on all three shots.

Captain Jay Baker of the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “It looks like the same suspect.” Billy Hancock, Crisp County Sheriff, told a press conference shortly after his detention that Long was arrested. Georgia State Patrol and the Crisp County Sheriff’s Office received a notice at around 8 pm. Long was going down the interstate road and heading into the county. Troops and MPs were stationed across the interstate and contacted Long at around 20:30. Law enforcement performed a chase-response technique or PIT maneuver that “caused the vehicle to spiral out of control” to stop the vehicle.

“The suspect was detained without incident at the 93rd mile mark in Crisp County and transferred to the Crisp County Prison,” Hancock said.

He said law enforcement agencies investigating the shootings in northern Georgia, including the FBI, would report to Crisp County “to continue this investigation”.

Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office celebrated the arrest with a short Facebook post.

Shooting the suspect in custody! “they wrote.

At the time of the arrest, it was announced that one of the victims died in hospital.

BREAKING Gunman Robert Aaron Long, suspected of shooting at the Cherokee County massage parlor, was caught following a chase in Crisp County. Also, the death toll in Cherokee is four, ”WSB’s Chris Jose wrote on Twitter.

The identity of the victims has not been determined yet. The sheriff’s office there is the suspect in custody in Crisp County. The lawmakers did the PIT maneuver to get him there. Whether it is linked to ATL is still unclear, ”he wrote. “Also at the Cherokee Co. … now 4 dead. 1 injured.”

3.Officials Say Prolonged Fire Opened at Young’s Asian Massage Salon Near Acworth, and Surveillance Images Caught Him Running From The Stage

Cherokee County Sheriff’s assistants came to the shooting scene at Young’s Asian Massage Parlor and saw three people killed and two injured. One of the injured later died in hospital, Jay Baker, from the sheriff’s office, told 11 Alive News. The names of the victims were not disclosed.

Baker told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, two of them were Asian women, one White woman and one White man. The fifth victim, who was hospitalized, was a Spanish man. Authorities did not immediately issue an update on his condition. Baker said Cherokee County had only one murder in all of 2020 and all of 2019. He described the mass murder as “shocking”.

“There was a murder in Cherokee County in 2020, so we’ve had three murders today, so it’s pretty shocking not only for our MPs who responded and for public safety, but also for the community here. And we take it very seriously,” Baker said.

While the authorities were conducting their investigation, lanes on highway 92 on Bells Ferry Road were closed. WSB reported that the road started to reopen in the evening.

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office asked the public to stay away from the area immediately after the incident and shared a photo showing the busy highway covered with police vehicles. The sheriff’s office posted on Twitter. “To investigate a conflict in that area.”

Two Additional Shots Reported in North Atlanta Shortly After the Cherokee County Shooting at Gold Spa & Aromatherapy Spa

The Atlanta Police Department worked with the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office to determine that the two gun attacks on hot springs in northeast Atlanta were likely related to the conflict in Cherokee County. Four people died in two gunfights in northeastern Atlanta. They occurred around 18:00. In two businesses, Gold Spa and Aroma Therapy Spa, located opposite each other at 1900 block of Piedmont Road.

Rodney Bryant, interim chief of the Atlanta Police Department, said at a press conference that all four victims were Asian women. Their identities are not disclosed. He said there were no other victims who were shot.

Bryant said the police were called to the first location, Gold Spa, due to an ongoing robbery just before 18:00. There they found three women dead. While on the scene, they got another call to get them fever at Aromatherapy Spa. One person was fatally shot in that place.

“Many asked if these gunfights were related to the gunfights in Cherokee County,” the Atlanta Police Department wrote in a press release early Wednesday morning. “Video footage from our Video Integration Center places the Cherokee County suspect’s vehicle in the area at the time of our Piedmont Road footage. This, along with video evidence viewed by investigators, shows that our suspect is likely to be the same as Cherokee County in custody. Therefore, an investigator from the APD It’s in Cherokee County and we’re working closely with them to make sure our cases are relevant. ”

They concluded the press statement by saying that no additional information will be released until the morning press conference and that it will be announced for one hour and emphasized that the information is preliminary.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp praised law enforcement for their swift arrest and expressed his condolences to the families.

“Our whole family is praying for the victims of these horrible acts of violence,” he wrote on Twitter. “We deeply appreciate the swift arrest of a suspect by @ga_dps in coordination with local and federal law enforcement.”

Although the first call in Atlanta was for a robbery, the police said nothing was stolen and denied the robbery as a reason. 11 They are investigating whether the attack was a hate crime, according to Alive News.

“Out of the 8 dead in Metro Atlanta, 6 are Asian women – 2 murder victims in Cherokee County and 4 in Atlanta. Nothing was stolen, so the robbery was excluded as a reason. 11 Brendan Keefe of Alive News wrote on Twitter.

At a press conference with the Atlanta Police Department, reporters asked whether the reason behind firearms was racism due to coronavirus. Police said it was too early to determine a cause, but confirmed that all four victims in Atlanta were Asian women. Two of the five victims in Cherokee County were Asian women. In a press release early Wednesday morning, the Atlanta Police Department dispatched officers to “control” similar jobs, increasing the number of patrols in the areas of these businesses.

“With these two gun attacks occurring in massage parlors and Cherokee County knowing about the gunfire, District 2 commanders quickly dispatched officers to check on similar jobs nearby, and the number of patrols in these areas increased,” the press release said.

Georgia state senator Dr. Michelle Au spoke against anti-Asian racism the day before the shooting.

She said the issue did not attract enough public attention, calling anti-Asian racism “a new chapter in a very old story” during the epidemic. Incidents include the physical assault of elderly Asians, being pushed and stabbed to the ground, and Asian pedestrians spitting in the street.

He said middle school students told an Asian classmate that “people like him” were the cause of “the so-called Chinese virus and Kung Flu”. When She told them she wasn’t Chinese, they punched her in the face many times, she said.

Stop AAPI Hate, a coalition organized to combat anti-Asian racism during the COVID-19 pandemic, said the attacks have affected the entire Asian community.

“The reported shooting of Asian American women in Atlanta on Tuesday is an indescribable tragedy, above all for the families of the victims, but also for the AAPI community, which is stunned by high levels of racial discrimination,” they wrote on Twitter. . “Little details have been revealed, including whether the gun attacks were hate-related or motivated. However, there is now a great fear and suffering in the Asian-American society that needs to be addressed. ”

HuffPost reported that there were 4,000 cases of racism against Asians last year.

The conflict has caused the NYPD to increase its presence in Asian societies. They deployed officers from the Critical Response Command to Asian communities around New York City.