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Policeman, his mom is not angry with him, we just want to know he’s okay. The Met posted CCTV from the night the  was last seen a week ago. It is believed that Richard Okorogheye left his home in west London on 22 March. Anne Evidence Joel says Oxford Brookes student ‘struggles to cope’ Mr. Okorogheye, with sickle cell disease, was simply leaving home to go to the hospital.

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He Is 19 Year Old.

Richard Okorogheye Last Seen, New Pictures

As the young girl’s mother pleaded for public assistance in the investigation, detectives posted new photos of the missing student Richard Okorogheye.

The Metropolitan Police renewed the request for information by publishing CCTV footage of the night the 19-year-old was last seen a week ago.

Okorogheye is believed to have left his family home in the Ladbroke Grove area in west London on the evening of March 22, and was reported missing two days later. His mother, Evidence Joel, had previously said that an Oxford Brookes University student “had trouble coping” with university pressures and made a shield during the Covid-19 lockdown.

As someone with sickle cell disease, Mr. Okorogheye was leaving home only for regular blood transfusions to go to the hospital because of his condition.


The Met said he had left his home and was heading for Ladbroke Grove at approximately 20:30 on 22 March.

The last confirmed image of Mr. Okorogheye was seen at 8.44 am while taking the 23 bus heading south in Ladbroke Grove.

CCTV footage showed that the student was wearing an all-black outfit and carrying a black purse bag with a white Adidas logo on the lower back.

Police said it was not known at which stop Mr. Okorogheye got off the bus, adding that he was frequently known in the Westminster and Hammersmith and Fulham districts of London.

Joel previously told MyLondon that his son ‘never did something like this’ and added: ‘Something went wrong.’ In a new statement Tuesday, ‘Richard we love you and we miss you so much, can you please come home? We are not angry with you. We just want to know that it’s okay.

We desperately miss our son for someone reading this. If you know something or know where it might be, please come forward and talk to the police. ‘

Joel said earlier that  remembers the young man saying he was going to visit a friend, but none of them saw him, told him to drive safe and ‘he will see me later’.

He returned home from a nursing shift at around 9 pm and assumed he was in his room.

He cooked for him a meal, but when he knocked on his door he realized that he was not there and did not answer his phone.

Richard’s wallet, bus card, and bank card were left behind after the alarm helped a locksmith enter the empty room. Yesterday, Miss Joel, the police said, “If you can’t find your son, how do you expect from us?” She said what she said. when you go to them for help.

Ms. Joel, a nurse, called the police to report the disappearance and said they did not have the resources when she suggested they check CCTV near their home.

‘If you can’t find your son, how do you expect the police to find your son for you?’ Said Miss Joel. I was waiting for assurance. My son was missing and he broke my heart. ‘

Family friend Claudine Rose added: “ In the beginning we felt like we hadn’t been taken seriously enough.

Her mother was going to the police station every day and they hadn’t put up posters. Ms. Joel told Sky News that she was afraid she was being groomed online by someone who kept her against her will.

Ms. Rose said, “She found isolation very difficult because she couldn’t see her friends and started college normally.” She said she.

Detective Chief Inspector Nicki Beecher from Met’s Area West Public Protection said: ‘Our officers continue to work around the clock to find Richard and bring him to his worried family.

We would like to talk to anyone who may have been around Ladbroke Grove when Richard was last known as seen above – you can help us trace his next steps.

If you may have seen Richard, please contact the police, no detail is trivial.

If Richard is safe and well, we ask him to contact us immediately so we can reassure his family. ‘

Scotland Yard said the Met is ‘committed to providing the best possible service to the missing families’ and that all available resources are used to search for Mr Okorogheye.

Everyone with the knowledge will be asked to call the police on 101, specifying 21MIS008134, or they can call 999 in an emergency.