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Amber Guichelaar Wiki – Killed

When the pregnant mothers of two Amber Guichelaars were found dead at her Michigan home in November, the police were suspect.

Now, about two months later, Kentwood police arrested her 35-year-old husband Richard James Guichelaar from Kentwood, Kentwood Deputy Chief of Police Department Bryan Litwin made a statement on Saturday.

Richard James Guichelaar (Arrest) Killed Wife Amber

Richard Guichelaar was arrested on Saturday in connection with the death of his beloved 32-year-old wife, who died as a result of drowning in the house she shared with herself and her two children on 16 November, according to a possible reason. Acquired by MLive.com and WOOD-TV.

“Kentwood Police detectives believed the cause of death was suspect,” Litwin wrote in the release.

“Kentwood detectives worked on this case for almost two months, and with the help of the Kent County Medical Examination Department, they were able to develop a possible reason for arresting a suspect for his murder.”

Amber Guichelaar was pregnant with her third child when she was killed. She died three days before her 33rd birthday.

Richard Guichelaar was put on trial on Monday on an open murder charge.

Its bond is set at $ 2 million.

He has not yet made a plea and is detained until the next court date, scheduled for January 21st.

His lawyer did not immediately respond to PERSONS ‘requests for comment.

The night his wife died, Richard Guichelaar called 911 to report that he found him dead in his bed, according to a probable cause statement received by MLive.com and WOOD.

According to the sworn statement, the medical doctor performed an autopsy and made a murder verdict by drowning / drowning to death of Amber Guichelaar.

The medical inspector found “wounds consistent with an attack that occurred just before his death,” according to the WOOD report.

According to the sworn statement, “the only person who could cause such injuries” at home on the night of his death was Richard Guichelaar.

In addition, “the statements given by Richard do not fully explain the circumstances that resulted in Amber’s death,” MLive.com says, the detective assigned to the cause.

According to MLive.com reports, Richard Guichelaar works in a landscaping and snow removal business.

Amber Guichelaar, a graduate of Calvin College, began her career as a Spanish teacher at Southern Christian High School for four years, writing an article on Prezi in 2014.

She later moved to Kentwood Public Schools where she taught students to learn English as a second language.

“My whole life, it seems, being a teacher was what I wanted to do,” she wrote. “I felt like it was what God called me to do. This is mainly because I love being around people and learning.”

While her husband awaits her next court appointment, Amber Guichelaar’s family, friends, and colleagues mourn the loss of the middle school teacher.

“This has been a tough time for the Kentwood family, students, staff and ultimately the families involved,” Kentwood Public Schools said in a statement. “In situations of trauma, the district and building management continues to provide ongoing support to students and staff mourning this loss. Our thoughts and prayers remain in the family while dealing with this tragedy.”

A GoFundMe account has been created for Guichelaar’s two daughters.

“We’re glad Amber is with her heavenly father, but her two daughters are still here,” organizer Carley Veltema wrote.

“Amber’s sister, Brittany, will take care of the girls and their futures! Exactly who she chose for Amber’s care. Girls are now well cared for, but we know there is a lot ahead. Please consider donating for the girls’ future.