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Richard Branson Wiki – Mum Died

Billionaire Richard Branson paid emotional homage to his mother Eve, who died after fighting the coronavirus. He was 96 years old.

“Unfortunately, like many people’s friends and relatives right now, my mother Eve is dead, as in these days of Covid,” Virgin Galactic’s billionaire said on Instagram on Monday.

“Instead of mourning his loss, I wanted to celebrate his wonderful life, his great spirit, the joy he brought to many, and the love he gave us,” he added.

In a blog post titled “Congratulating Mom to Eve Branson” Branson, II. He added that his mother, who served in the British Royal Navy during World War II and was the “force of nature” behind his business career, died after fighting COVID-19. He managed to fight the virus, but wasted all his energy in the process, “wrote Branson.” Vanessa and niece Louis, one of my wonderful sisters, were with him until the end. they were wonderful nurses that he entertained with stories from his life and laughter with his whiskey glass. Instead of mourning his loss, I want to celebrate his wonderful life, his great spirit, the joy he has brought to many, and the love he has given us all. ” “It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that I owe my career to my mother. One day in the late sixties, mother saw a necklace lying on the road near Shamley Green and took it to the police station. Three months later no one asked for it, so the police told her she could hold it. London. He came to, sold the necklace and gave me the money. Without that £ 100, I would never have started with Virgin. We are so sorry we lost my father again in 2011, but my mother did exactly the way she wanted, continuing to hold life with both hands. ”

Branson first explained that his mother had tested positive for COVID last week, publishing that the family initially “feared the worst” due to underlying health problems.

Also, he would get a vaccine the day after the test was positive.

Branson’s son, Sam, added his own tribute to the family of parents, who had learned French at the age of 92, and also expressed hope that someday good things will come out of the tragedy that hurt so many people around him. sphere.

“I feel like I wanted to go out on my own terms, somehow. Just like he’s living his life,” said Sam, 36.

“I am sending my greatest love to all of you who are now losing their loved ones,” Sam wrote. “My hope is that our losses will still help us build even deeper relationships with those around