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Riaz Ahmed  WIki – Murdered

A young gang member who killed an opponent in a shotgun attack at the age of 15 is now eligible for life imprisonment.

The order to protect the identity of Riaz Ahmed, now 16, was lifted by a judge on Friday, as he was convicted of violent murder.

Ahmed and a 20-year-old man, who could not be named for legal reasons, were found guilty of murdering Abdul Xasan last year after being tracked to the scene with data from electronic tracking tags.

Mr. Xasan died on March 13 last year while walking from Harnall Lane East to Adelaide Street in Hillfields, Coventry, after being detonated by a shotgun.

The 19-year-old victim was targeted by C2 gang members near a nursery and a boarding house at around 2.30pm after leaving the Friday prayer near him in a stolen car shortly after leaving a nearby location. mosque.

CCTV footage of a nearby building was captured the moment Mr. Xasan was shot from the rear passenger seat by an armed man using a cut-off pump shotgun.

Ahmed was sentenced to life imprisonment of at least 18 years at Birmingham Crown Court on Friday, while his accomplice, who was thought to be armed, was ordered by detectives to serve at least 27 years of his mandatory life.

Judge Simon Drew QC said the prison sentence occurred during the ‘gang war’ that broke out after the murder of 16-year-old Jaydon James in 2018.

The judge described the murder as a ‘terrible thing’, telling Mr. Xasan’s killers: ‘You two and possibly one or two people went from the Wood End district – the center of Coventry, the area seen by C2 as its territory. Associated with RB7.

You were in a stolen Volkswagen Golf on cloned license plates and one of you was armed with a shotgun.

It is not possible to determine if any of you have a gun, drive the car, or are there as a spotter.

What is clear is that each of you know the purpose of the journey, so it was to find and shoot the RB7 member.

“You have actively participated in this joint venture.”

The judge added: ‘When you gave evidence, each of you refused to participate in the murder. According to their decision, the jury did not believe you. ‘

During the trial, Ahmed admitted that he had been heavily involved in vehicle crimes since the age of 13.

Before punishment, defense QC Rachel Brand urged the judge to think Ahmed had cystic fibrosis.

Referring to the scale of the situation that limits his life, he told the court: ‘He faced the risk of infection, virus and now this epidemic throughout his life.

“Whatever advances in medical science, it’s a matter of luck – either good luck or bad luck – for someone with the condition.”

Judge Drew changed an order that prevented Ahmed from being named, but said his address should still be kept in media reports.

The decision was made after a PA news agency appeal urging the judge to assess the deterrent effect of naming the defendant on others and the nature of the crime.

In making his decision, Judge Drew said: ‘Riaz Ahmed has been found guilty of an exceptionally serious crime.

Identification is strictly in the public interest. This murder took place in the context of inter-gang violence on the streets of Coventry in the middle of the day. ”

Detective Chief Inspector Scott Griffiths, who led the West Midlands Police murder investigation, said on the case: ‘These punishments should act as a definitive warning about the dangers of gang membership: you risk serious injury or death, or the possibility of spending most of his life locked up. ‘