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Who Was Renee Pagel? Wiki, Bio, Murdered By Husband, More Facts You Need To Know

Renee Pagel Wiki – Renee Pagel Biography

Renee Pagel, was brutally stabbed to death in her bed at her home in Courtland Township, Michigan, on August 5, 2006, and was found by her father and stepmother. The authorities stated that he was trying to fight the attacker, learning that he had been stabbed several times and had defensive wounds on his hands.

Renee Pagel Age

She Was 41 Year Old

Renee Pagel Killed By Husband, Michael Pagel


the mother of three has moved away from her husband, Michael Pagel, and the two have been living apart for over a year. She worked as a health educator in the Kent County Middle School District and a nurse practitioner at Forest View Hospital, according to her obituary, and the 41-year-old was described as “a person with a very devoted” intelligence “to her children.
Investigators believed that the murder implied a crime of passion and that the perpetrator knew the victim. WZZM13, just five days before his death, Pagel had donated a kidney to the father of one of his students and was recovering from surgery on his bed, and the authorities said they believed the attacker would be weaker than normal.
According to WZZM13, Pagel was killed in his bed days ago while surviving a kidney donation to the father of one of his students. The mother of three with investigators was stabbed in the head, face and body more than 50 times and had defensive wounds on her hands. The murder weapon, believed to be a large knife, was nowhere found at the scene. Authorities investigated Pagel’s husband, Michael Pagel, as suspect after friends and family said they were going through a controversial divorce that would result in only six people. days after his death. Weeks before his death, a judge ruled that Michael Pagel had to find a job to pay alimony.

WoodTV reported that the police responded without reaction when they informed Michael Pagel of his wife’s death and gave them his lawyer card. Despite their suspicion, the authorities had no evidence linking Michael Pagel or anyone else to the scene, and the case had been cold for over a decade.
According to WoodTV, it wasn’t nearly 14 years later when Pagel’s brother Charles “Bo” Pagel announced to the authorities that Michael Pagel had confessed to murdering his wife in 2011. He said the two were walking around and drinking when Michael stood on a bridge over a creek and started talking about divorce.

According to the debut, in February 2020, Bo Pagel testified: “My brother said, ‘That’s how I concluded my divorce’ and showed me a knife. [Then] he threw the crickte.” I’ll screw it up. ” Said.

Investigators even searched the creek to which Bo Pagel was referring, and on the third day they found a knife that perfectly matched the medical doctor’s report. According to WoodTV, investigators said, “I think one of the first things [medical expert Dr. David Start] said when we showed him [the knife] and here I explain,” Oh, yes, exactly. This is exactly what it would look like. ”

Michael Pagel was arrested on February 5, 2020 and pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in May of that year.


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