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Rebekah Jones Wiki – Arrest

Jones accused of accessing state emergency-alert messaging system. Rebekah Jones, former Florida Department of Health data analyst who helped develop the state’s COVID-19 control panel, was arrested for crimes against users of computers, computer systems, computer networks, and electronic devices, according to a statement Monday morning.

Rebekah Jones Accused Investigation Reports

Jones, whose home was raided by state inspectors on December 7, announced on Twitter that he had surrendered himself on Sunday and was arrested at the Leon County Detention Facility, according to officials.

Online records show that Jones was released from jail just before 11:00 on Monday.

The Florida Law Enforcement Department said the investigation began on November 10 when FDLE received a complaint that someone from Florida’s Department of Health had illegally accessed a state emergency alert messaging system known as ReadyOp.

The FDLE said the agents had determined that the message was sent from a residence in Centerville Court in Tallahassee, Jones’s home.

According to officials, evidence from a search warrant on December 7 indicates that Jones had illegally accessed the system by sending a message to 1,750 people and downloaded and saved confidential Florida Department of Health data on their devices.

Jones has questioned the accuracy of state data since his dismissal.

“It’s time to talk before 17,000 more die. You know, that’s wrong. You don’t need to be part of it. Be a hero. Speak before it’s too late,” he said last year.