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Rebecca Grossman (Charged)

According to reports, socialite Rebecca Grossman is accused of murder and vehicle massacre for allegedly driving her Mercedes-Benz on two young children in Los Angeles.

Prosecutors said one of the founding partners of a nonprofit organization faces murder charges alleging that he went and killed two young brothers in a suburb of Los Angeles County.

Eleven-year-old Mark Iskander and his 8-year-old brother Jacob Iskander were with their parents as they crossed the Westlake Village street through a marked pedestrian crossing when the car was hit by the Los Angeles District Attorney on September 29.

Grossman, 57, was arrested on September 29 after police said he shot and killed 11-year-old Mark Iskander and his 9-year-old brother Jacob while crossing the street with his family in Westlake Village, Los Angeles.

Grossman, former publisher of Westlake Magazine and wife of prominent plastic surgeon Peter Grossman, said on Wednesday that KTLA-TV was shot for serious crimes.

The station said he had been charged with gross negligence for two murders and vehicle massacre.

Grossman also faces a hit-and-run ride that ended in death.

Authorities said at the time of the incident that both factors were speed and alcohol.

The boys were crossing a three-way intersection with six family members, including their parents, at the time of the fatal event.

Rebecca Grossman Age

57 Year Old

Police Investigation

Police said the children’s mother tried to retract the children, including the baby in the stroller, but could not save her two young sons.

Police said Mark Iskander died at the scene and his brother died in a nearby hospital.

Police said Grossman had gone about a quarter mile before pulling over.

She was going to court on Wednesday.

Grossman was arrested on the night of the accident, but has been released on $ 2 million bail since October 1, when police said he believed alcohol and street racing were involved in the tragedy.

“We believe speed is a factor. Alcohol is a factor,” Los Angeles County sheriff Captain Salvador Becerra told reporters at the time.

L.A. The District Attorney’s Office said Grossman, who claimed not to be guilty on Wednesday, carried one of the children over 100 meters under the hood of his car before he hit the brakes, and the boy fell into the street.

Mark Iskander died on the spot, and Jacob died at a local hospital.

Witnesses said that parents heard about a car approaching rapidly and that the children’s mother was able to save her two younger siblings, including a daughter in a stroller, but was unable to react in time to help the older children.

The children were walking with their families. This is a very tragic situation, ”said Captain Becerra.” The mother and father managed to pull the other two children back in time, and the vehicle hit the other two children. ”

Grossman’s preliminary hearing is set for February 16. If convicted of all charges, it would last 34 years of life.

Grossman of Hidden Hills, California, is expected to face court Wednesday. If convicted, he could be sentenced to a maximum of 34 years in prison. It is currently unclear whether Grossman has an attorney.