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Raymond Weber, was arrested on Saturday (January 30th) after police announced that he was broadcasting live with the bodies of two women in an apartment in Vacaville, California. The Vacaville Police Department first made a statement about the incident on Saturday, saying that the SWAT team was actively responding to a barricaded scene..

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He Is 29 Year Old

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In an update on the case, the police department stated that they received reports that a man was broadcasting him live in an armed flat and that there were “two women lying on the ground – not moving”. When they were finally able to enter the flat, they arrested Weber and locate the two women. The police department said they both died, but did not provide any further details until their closest relatives were notified about their identities or causes of death. Police said Weber was held in Solano County Prison, where he was charged with two murders. 30. The caller told the operator that a man was in an apartment at the Rocky Hill Veterans Apartments on 582 Rocky Hill Road and appeared with a gun.

The caller told the police that he could see the man broadcast a live video of himself in his apartment on social media and holding a gun in his hand. He also said that there were two women who were not moving on the floor of the flat. Intervention officers reported that Weber set up a barricade in his apartment, but they were not successful in negotiations. Weber’s Extraordinary Search Warrant Sought and In Connection with His Girlfriend’s Death in 2014
Police said Weber was recognized by the authorities and was sought with an extraordinary arrest warrant for “various crimes, including assault with a domestic battery and a deadly weapon”. The arrest records at Solano County Prison show that a 29-year-old boy faced two first-degree murders related to the Saturday incident, in addition to previous charges in another county.

Weber was arrested in 2014 in connection with the death of his girlfriend, according to a press release by the Sacramento Police Department. On April 3, 2014, the Sacramento Police Department sought help from the public to find Weber and his younger brother, Antoine Weber, after which it was believed that 16th Antoine Weber shot and murdered Weber’s 19-year-old girlfriend, Nichole Duarte. According to the press release, Raymond Weber was wanted for questioning and parole violations. According to ABC10, Antoine Weber made no appeals for voluntary manslaughter in 2014, and public records show he was in California State Penitentiary in Solano, where he would be eligible for parole in 2028.

Weber Brother is a Local Rapper and Weber Accuses Him of Trying to Organize His Murder
Weber also has another brother, 25-year-old Marcus Weber, who is a rapper known in the area as Uzzy Marcus. ABC10 wrote that many videos of the Saturday incident circulated on social media and many described Weber as “Uzzy Marcus’ brother.” Marcus Weber is also detained in Sacramento County Prison. The exit is held without bail on charges of endangering a child’s life or health and possession of a firearm by a criminal.

Solano NewsNet referred to his rapper brother in the video of the incident and accused his brother and another person of trying to kill him, Solano NewsNet reported after watching the video. According to the debut, Weber said during the live broadcast: “They tried to tune me in. [He] tried to kill me. “He also said he didn’t think he could survive the deadlock with the police officers and said,” The police will go in and I’ll get them. This is the last time you all saw me.

A neighbor who saw the video told Fox40 that it was “very graphic” and it went on for about 36 minutes. “He was dealing with two corpses. They just say, “They trapped me.” This is graphic and disturbing. It definitely made me sick to my stomach