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Savannah Theberge, 26, and Raymond Michael Weber, accused of murdering a teenage girl, were previously arrested after being fatally shot for her girlfriend.
A Californian man was involved in an all-night impasse with the police over the weekend, which resulted in an electric shock with a Taser and the arrest of two women after broadcasting himself live with guns on their naked bodies.

Raymond Michael Weber, 29, appeared topless in an Instagram Live video on Saturday night, as seen in images uploaded by the Daily Mail, pointing with a pistol while standing over two bodies. The victims were later identified as Savannah Theberge, 26, and a 15-year-old girl, both naked, according to CBS13.

Theberge had recently been engaged to marry Weber. She had called her mother, Eynaw Taylor-Theberge, to tell the news a week ago, although she lived in Utah, her mother told the station that she was going to California with her new fiancee.

Theberge and Weber were in an apartment complex for veterans in Vacaville, California, when the Saturday events occurred.

According to a press release from the Vacaville Police Department, police arrived at the building at around 00.42, after a caller reported that he had seen Weber’s live broadcast. He had barricaded inside the circle and had been in a chill with the police for almost eight hours, refusing to negotiate with the SWAT team and the Critical Incident Negotiation Team.

Nearby apartments were evacuated as the police detonated chemical agents and distracting devices while trying to pressure Weber to surrender. According to the press release, he was eventually arrested at around 8:32 am after a short fight involving a Taser.

Weber was charged with two murders and possession of a heavy weapon, according to online prisoner records. Police also revealed that he was wanted in another county for allegedly making terrorist threats and physically damaging a romantic partner.

Weber had many scrubs before by law.

In 2006, he was sentenced to six years in prison for heavy assault, according to court records reviewed by KCRA-3. And, according to a press release published at the time, in 2014, an order was issued for his brother, Antoine Weber, to be arrested after Raymond Weber’s girlfriend was accused of being fatally shot in the face. Raymond Weber then promised no contests for the second-degree attack.

Weber also filed no appeal on the allegation of drug possession in 2016.

Police are currently investigating whether human trafficking was involved in the Saturday incident.
According to the Mahkm records, Weber is kept loose. It is unclear if he has a lawyer who can comment on his behalf.