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Rashad Akeem Thompson Wiki – Murder Charged, Investigation

New details have been revealed about a man accused of murdering a seven-year-old boy.
A man was arrested in connection with the murder of a seven-year-old boy.

Thompson is charged with first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, fatal child abuse, and malicious injury.

The incident occurred at 2:45 am on Thursday morning at the Lewis Ritchie Apartments along Industrial Drive in Beckley.

Beckley Police Department said a 24-year-old woman was also found in the residence with open stab wounds. She is hospitalized and is in critical condition.

Investigators say Rashad Akeem Thompson was charged with the death of the boy and the injuries sustained by the woman.

He is being held in the South District Prison.

No other information was published.

According to the criminal report, the Beckley Police Department was summoned to a reported stabbing at 2:45 pm on the 400 block of Industrial Drive on Thursday. They say they found one of the victims, Felicia Brown, at a neighbor’s house when they got there. They say he has bleeding from stab wounds to his face.

Investigators said Brown said she was stabbed by her boyfriend, Rashad Thompson. told them that his seven-year-old was still in his apartment with Thompson. They say that when the police broke into the apartment, they found a hammer covered with something that looked like blood on the living room floor. They found the body of the seven-year-old boy lying on the sofa with extreme trauma to the left side of his head. In his criminal complaint, he states that the detectives believed the boy had been hit with a hammer several times.

The police said that Thompson told them “I lost him.” Thompson was taken to the police department.

Officers issued a search warrant for the flat and said they found a broken knife inside.

Investigators said they could get more information from the neighbor, whom Brown ran for help. They say the neighbor said he woke up when Brown knocked on his door. When he answered, he saw Brown being stabbed in his face. The neighbor said that Brown begged him to go with him to pick up his seven-year-old and two-year-olds. The neighbor broke into Brown’s apartment and managed to catch the two-year-old before seeing Thompson walking towards the kitchen. He says he took the boy back to his home and left the boy with Brown, then went back to the apartment to pick up the seven-year-old. When the neighbor entered this time, he saw Thompson hitting an area of ​​the sofa with an object, but he could not determine what the object was. He escaped, but returned when Thompson was detained. He says it was when he saw the boy lying on the sofa that Thompson shot.