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Rasha Abu Wiki – Charged

Rasha Abu, whose real name is Rasha Abu al-Ragheb, is now accused of (1) knowingly entering or staying in a restricted building or land without legal jurisdiction, and (2) knowingly and for preventing or disrupting regular behavior. Government affairs or official duties, engaging in disorderly or destructive behavior on the grounds of the Capitol.

Rasha Abu Charged Investigation Reports

After being identified as one of the protesters in the US Capitol on January 6, a Lebanese woman from New Jersey was arrested.

After fleeing the civil war in Lebanon as a child, she has been living in the US for over 20 years, where she became an active supporter of former President Donald Trump.
She apparently believes America is going into a civil war she is familiar with. She reportedly said that “it is imperative to show support, stand up and fight for our Constitution.
According to the FBI’s Facts Statement, a secret source reported to law enforcement agencies that could link him with his Facebook account Rasha Abu, which had several posts regarding his involvement in the US Capital riot.

In a post showing photos of him taken at a pro-Trump rally, She says She was exposed to tear gas and tear gas and is part of history.
The FBI reported that a second secret source had seen him outside the Capitol Hill Kimpton George Hotel and added that he showed pictures of him inside the Capitol.

According to the FBI’s statement, one of the Facebook posts revealed that he was indeed logged into the Kimpton George Hotel.