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A former Virginia high school teacher admitted that the students had secretly taken thousands of skirts and blouses photos and videos and had a great deal of child pornography.

Raphael Schklowsky, 38, a married father, pleaded guilty on Monday for possession of two child pornography, illegal filming of a minor five times, and illegal filming of an adult twice.

When Schklowsky was sentenced on September 3, he faces up to 37 years in prison. Schklowsky, a drama teacher and theater director at Herndon High School, was first arrested in April 2019 after his daughters’ couple of live caregivers discovered a camera in the air conditioner. According to The Washington Post, he took off in his family’s room in Reston and called the police.

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He Is 38 Year old

Raphael Schklowsky Accused, Investigation

First You Need To Know These Facts
  • Raphael Schklowsky pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography, illegally filming a small child, and illegally filming an adult.
  • Schklowsky, a married father, was teaching drama at Herndon High School in Virginia in 2019 when he was arrested for secretly recording his au pair.
  • Police later revealed that Schklowsky had 8,000 photos and video recordings showing that his students had changed during rehearsals and events.
  • Videos were stored on 32 devices and were shown to students during school hours from May 2017 to June 2018
  • Schklowsky faces up to 37 years in prison when he was convicted in September
  • One in 10 victims identified by the police in the videos said he believed he deserved to go to prison for a long time.

Schklowsky, a drama teacher and theater director at Herndon High School, was first arrested in April 2019 after finding a camera in a vent in the room of his daughter’s home-living au pair family in Reston and calling the police. The Washington Post reported.
He was charged with four misdemeanors of the illegal film and was released on bond for this incident.

Initially, Fairfax County Police said there was no evidence that he targeted his students, but a later study revealed that Schklowsky had collected a collection of 8,000 videos and photos on 32 electronic devices that showed children changing their clothes.

According to prosecutors, the sexually explicit footage was secretly shot on his iPhone by Schklowsky at rehearsals and school events between May 2017 and June 2018, in high school and elsewhere.
The drama teacher had also placed a small camera in the school dressing room to record images of her students as they changed.

He was arrested again in May 2019 and charged with 20 additional child pornography and illegal filming.

Police said they were able to identify dozens of victims seen in photos and videos at the time. “Crimes committed against young people by someone in a position of trust are particularly disturbing and will always be a priority for my office,” Fairfax County Commonwealth Attorney Steve Descano said in response to Schklowsky’s criminal appeals.

Schklowsky’s defense attorney told The Post that his client was’ deeply regretful, embarrassed and regretful, and determined to be a good husband and father.

“Since his arrest, Mr. Schklowsky has undergone intense inpatient and community-based treatment and therapy to ensure that such acts never happen again,” said attorney Edward Ungravsky.

One of Schklowsky’s victims told The Post that he believed he deserved a “long time” prison sentence.