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The body of a homeless man was found in a frozen temperature just meters from a shelter that was closed prematurely due to the Covid outbreak.

Raphaël André was announced dead early Sunday after being discovered in a portable toilet next to a center where he was staying the day before.

The Open Door shelter, which is normally open 24 hours a day, had to be closed by Montreal health authorities.

The homeless advocates say that Mr. André may have frozen to death.

Raphaël André Age

He was 51 year old

Raphaël André Death Cause & Investigation

The cause of death was not confirmed by the authorities. A friend found the body around 03:00 EST (08:00 GMT) on Sunday.

The police determined that Mr. André’s death was not a crime and handed over the investigation to the forensic officer.

Mr. André was originally a member of the Innu nation from the Matimekush-Lac John community in northern Quebec.

Staff were regularly working at the Open Door shelter, a farewell center in central Montreal that serves homeless people, the staff told Canadian media. He stopped by for a meal and a shower on Saturday night, and he had seen snowmen making snowmen nearby that day.

Montreal temperatures dropped below freezing from Saturday evening to Sunday morning.

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Open Door executive director Mélodie Racine told CBC that the state’s health agency forced the bunker to close its doors at 21:30 local time on Sunday following a Covid-19 outbreak.

“He didn’t die for a reason,” said Ms. Racine. “There are many factors in place. But what I do know is that if he wasn’t asked to leave, he would probably stay inside.”

Montreal public health officials said in a statement that they suggested reopening the Open Door once the epidemic was brought under control, and Mayor Valérie Plante said the city will work with public institutions to keep the bunker open overnight.

The shelter did not immediately respond to the BBC’s request for comment.