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Rachid Khadla denies child cruelty and assault
The jury, heard today by a jury, had a controlling father sign his daughter a lifetime “contract” that they would never get fat, and they weighed her almost daily. 56-year-old Rachid Khadla, who allegedly led his family with terrible discipline, is on trial for child cruelty and assault. While reading the Crown Court, he was said to have strangled his son and used wooden spoons to tame them if he believed they were out of line. Sarah, his wife, with whom he had been married for 27 years, said that he ‘got angry quickly’ and that he would be angry with his three children, now grown up, for no reason.

Her daughter Amira, now 23, told a court how she decided what her ‘controlling’ father could wear, who she could meet, with whom she could talk, and what she could watch on TV. Prosecutor Alex Krikler said: “The defendant knew his form and diet very well, attended the gym regularly and ate well.” His daughter’s weight was a constant problem. In fact, all children were regularly weighed by the defendant to make sure they were not gaining weight. ‘
In 2012 she said to her daughter, ‘I, Amira Khadla, will never make myself fat. I will exercise a lot to make sure I will never get fat until I die. He told the jury that when he was nine, he threw a chair at him and left a lump behind his ear and his father lied. Doctors claimed the injury was caused by a soccer ball. The jury said Amira was ‘afraid’ of her father, who would call her stupid and unsuccessful. The court also heard that the husband was “aggravated” by his youngest son, Hicham, who was struggling with some learning difficulties. On October 16, 2019, the student who allegedly attacked him for being too slow was doing housework, cleaning his sister’s bedroom. Mr. Krikler punched ‘Hicham’ to the chest several times and then pushed him into his sister’s bed. He then put both hands around his neck and strangled him for five to 10 seconds before pulling him up, punching him in the chest and walking away. “Hicham” tried to say stop, but could not speak. He could not breathe, and although the traces of the drowning were relatively small, the incident was extremely frightening. ” The next morning, the family’s sister had told him a few minutes before he had to leave the university to attend the graduation ceremony. It is said that his parents ‘crossed the line’.
While his family celebrated, Hicham went to the school where he trusted his closest friends. The children explained what happened to their teachers, and the staff informed the police. A judge heard that Khadla had been arrested that evening. After his father’s arrest, Hicham told the police that it was not an isolated incident. Mr. Krikler told the jury: “For the smallest crimes in the house, he said he would regularly take” spoons. “His father stretched out his hands and smacked the palms of his hands with a wooden spoon. He also told how his father pushed and punched him and sometimes threw things at him. it was not physical. The defendant was also threatening extreme violence and “would kill him by splashing his brain to the ceiling.” His father would tell him he was weak. ” The court was also told that his eldest son, Karim, also recalled the ‘control, anger and violence’ of the persecution he suffered as a child and was punched. When he was 15, he hit the head so hard that it knocked him over. After leaving home as an adult, the court heard that the 26-year-old broke all ties with his father and family before the allegations came to light. Following his arrest, the accused denied that he had strangled his son, instead claiming that he acted in self-defense. The prosecutor said, ‘When asked how to discipline his children, he said that when he was younger he would hit them to the bottom, otherwise he had never beaten them or physically punished them. He refused to threaten or physically hurt his children, sometimes he said he shouted, but that’s all. He refused to control his children. ” Khadla of Windsor in Berkshire denies three child cruelty and two assault offenses that resulted in actual bodily harm.