Junior MIT student Yuval Mamana
Following the social media distribution of the video, he closed his LinkedIn account.
Israel is making a strong argument that Hamas is hiding in hospitals.

During an anti-war demonstration at MIT, a young guy was caught on camera brutally abusing a lady and many other people.

Who is Yuval Mamana?

Yuval Mamana is an MIT junior. When the video became viral on social media, he closed his LinkedIn account.

Israel has released two films from inside Gaza’s largest children’s hospital, showing weapons and explosives that were supposedly found there, providing proof that Hamas is exploiting medical facilities as a cover. A chamber where the military alleges hostages were kept is seen on another video. Although the Health Ministry in Hamas-controlled Gaza rejects many of the claims made in the Israeli recordings, it does acknowledge that the material was shot inside the northern Gazan facility known as Al-Rantisi Specialized Hospital for Children. The remaining patients and workers were probably evacuated over the weekend because to the encirclement by Israeli soldiers.

A Zionist extremist physically assaults a woman and multiple others during an anti-war protest at MIT.

Bounty for his Identification: $800@MIT please release a statement on this incident. Your silence is complicity. pic.twitter.com/Qd1EoSGXhi

— Stop Zionist Hate (@StopZionistHate) November 11, 2023

According to US intelligence, Hamas has used hospitals, particularly Al-Shifa, as ammo storage facilities and command centers. National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby said that this information—which came from US channels—supports Israel’s charge and categorizes Hamas’s conduct as war crimes.

Medical officials at Al-Shifa, the biggest hospital in Gaza City, buried a huge number of dead in a mass grave on the grounds because they were starting to decompose and posed a health danger. This emphasizes how the facility’s circumstances are becoming worse as Israel continues to fight Hamas. The World Health Organization stressed that Al-Shifa’s acute fuel, power, and water shortages mean the hospital can no longer function as intended. It reaffirmed demands for a cease-fire on Tuesday. Distressing circumstances are described at the complex by medical professionals and the Hamas-led Gaza health ministry, with many additional hospitals shutting during the Israeli onslaught.

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