Who Is Pope Francis? Wiki, Bio, Age, Career, Arrest, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Pope Francis Wiki –   Arrested ? No, it was a hoax !!

One of the strangest rumors to have surfaced on the internet recently alleges that the Pope was arrested on charges of sexual abuse. Is this true? Has Pope Francis been arrested

No. There is no evidence that the Pope was arrested on charges of sexual abuse or anything else. In fact, Pope Francis was very active in the days when rumors spread, praying for those killed in the riots in the U.S. Capitol and expanding the role of women in the Catholic Church. This didn’t stop people from spreading false information widely online.

Pope Francis Arrested Reports & More Facts

The false arrest report was not reported by any reliable media. On a site called Saporta Report, he cried out, “The Pope has been arrested for incest or is still at work: Sub-news and human trafficking.” However, this article does not provide any source to support its claim. Instead, he says the claim comes from “QAnon supporters”.

The Saporta Report clarifies where the allegations came from, “QAnon supporters reported on Sunday that Pope Francis was arrested Saturday, including for human trafficking and incest.”

What is QAnon? “QAnon claims America is run by a group of pedophiles and Devil worshipers who are running a global child sex trafficking operation, and that President Trump is the only one who can stop them,” CBS News said. There is no evidence for this.

According to the BBC, the totally “baseless” conspiracy theory argues that “this fight will lead to a reckoning day when prominent figures like former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will be arrested and executed.”

A few of the rebels who violated the US Capitol were QAnon supporters; Among them was Ashli ​​Babbitt, a San Diego military veteran who was shot and killed by police while trying to climb a window into a secure lobby where Congressmen took refuge.


  • Pope Grants More Rights to Women in Church as Conspiracy Theory EnragesPope Francis took an active role as Pope at a time when conspiracy theorists falsely claimed he was arrested.

    According to the Associated Press, on January 11, the priest “changed the canon law” so that women could play a larger role during the Mass, even though he did not say they could become priests.

    According to Politico, the Pope said he prayed for those who lost their lives, focusing on the Capitol rebellion. In addition to Babbitt, a Capitol police officer died after being beaten, and a woman was crushed by the crowd. Another Capitol police officer died of suicide on Saturday.

    According to Politico, “Violence always harms itself,” he said, asking leaders to apply a “high sense of responsibility” to “calm the spirits” so that additional violence does not erupt.

    According to Politico, the Pope said, “I offer a kind greeting to the US people, shaken by the last Congressional siege.”