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Who Is PJ Nilaja Patterson? Wiki, Bio, Age, Accused, Investigation & More Facts

PJ Nilaja Patterson Wiki – Biography

Who Is PJ Nilaja Patterson ?

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  • Investigation & More Facts

A Florida man accused of brutally punching an iguana to death said he was simply defending himself.

PJ Nilaja Patterson, sought to use the Sunshine State’s Your State’s Basic Law to avoid animal cruelty charges that could put her behind bars for up to five years.

But a circuit court judge denied Patterson immunity against your place, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel first reported.

Stand Your Ground allows people to use force when threatened, and they don’t have to back down. Patterson’s lawyers claimed that their client feared for his life when he was confronted by the 3-foot-long iguana on September 2.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, Patterson’s lawyers said, “The villain took Patterson’s best and savagely bit his right arm.” It took 22 staples for his injury, lawyers reported.

His lawyers said the animal leaned forward with its mouth open, showing its sharp teeth “menacingly”.

It’s technically legal to kill an iguana in Florida if done humanely, the Sun-Sentinel reports.

“You can shovel iguanas over the head, stab them in the brain, and even decapitate them as long as they die instantly and are not in pain,” the publication said.

However, prosecutors argued that the animal suffered.

Prosecutors said Patterson “kicked the defenseless animal at least 17 times, causing its death.”

The publication said Patterson “clearly tortured” the animal, who was found to have a ruptured liver, broken pelvis and internal bleeding.

“Patterson believed that the iguana may have injected himself with poison, and so he hastened to neutralize the iguana as best he could to preserve his antidote,” public defender Frank Vasconcelos said in a motion.

PJ Nilaja Patterson Age

He Is 43 Year Old.


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