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Surveillance footage captured the moment a young killer killed an alleged Crips gang member on a CitiBike in broad daylight on the streets of New York.

Pierrot Simeon, was shot dead while riding a bike outside a bodega on Clarkson Avenue and East 53rd Street in Brooklyn, East Flatbush, on Wednesday.

Pierrot Simeon Age

Pierrot Simeon Was 21 Year Old.

Pierrot Simeon Shot Dead

Fast Facts

  • Pierrot Simeon, 21, was shot dead visible to everyone at 2.20pm Wednesday as he pulled up on a CitiBike outside a bodega in East Flatbush, Brooklyn
  • The youthful executioner was seen chatting on his telephone outside the store before unexpectedly pulling out a firearm and firing his casualty at point clear reach
  • Simeon kicked the bucket from three discharges to the middle and left lower arm

The young killer was caught on camera talking on his phone outside the store, and then suddenly he drew his gun and shot his victim from a distance.

Simeon’s Facebook distinguished him as an individual from the famous Crips posse – yet his troubled family depicted him as a persevering young fellow and don’t have the foggiest idea who might need to hurt him.

The light execution stamps simply the furthest down the line frightening occurrence to shake the Big Apple lately, as wrongdoing takes off and fears mount that the city is gone to the dull days of the ’70s and ’80s when savagery was overflowing.

Shootings have flooded 29% so far this year contrasted with a similar period last year, with mayoral leader Eric Adams cautioning this week that ‘nobody will return’ to New York City if the wrongdoing wave forges ahead a similar pattern.

What Say Police Sources ?

  • Police sources said they believed the execution was gang-related, and Simeon introduced himself on Facebook as a member of the Crips gang.
  • The victim’s shocked family said that Simeon had gone to his local bodega to buy a drink and they did not know who would want to harm him.
  • This marks the latest horrific event to shake NYC as crime escalates and fears grow back to the dark days of the ’70s and ’80s.
  • Gun attacks increased by 29%, victims increased by 22% and murders increased by 5%

Suspect Arrest ?

No arrests were made in connection with the murder, and the suspect’s name was not released.

Police are asking the public to come forward with any information.

With gun violence on the rise and attacks on the city’s subway systems and streets becoming more and more common, shooting has taken place amid a rising crime wave in New York City.

Reports Incident

The episode unfurled at 2.20pm when Simeon got out of his home close by to purchase a beverage from his neighborhood bodega, his family revealed to NY Daily News.

The chilling reconnaissance film shows the executioner, who was wearing a durag, a dark T-shirt, dim and white b-ball shorts and Nike shoes, talking on his telephone as the front of a CitiBike materializes.

The suspect is seen nonchalantly returning his telephone to his pocket and venturing toward the cyclist, who is behind the scenes.

He then, at that point whips out a weapon from a fanny pack around his shoulder and shoots Simeon on different occasions as he moves in an opposite direction from the passageway of the store. At a certain point, an individual leaving drives the shooter away before he ran off.

Simeon implodes on the walkway and hauls his CitiBike down with him.

Police said Simeon was shot multiple times in the middle and left lower arm.

He was taken to Kings County Hospital where he was articulated dead.

Police sources disclosed to Daily News they accept the execution was pack related, with the casualty’s Facebook recognizing him as an individual from the infamous Crips posse.

Yet, Simeon’s distressed family told the power source they were stunned by his merciless killing and don’t have a clue who might need to hurt him.

‘He went to the store to get a beverage – pop or water. A neighbor stopped by and said he was down. He had been shot,’ a family member, who would not like to be named, said.

They portrayed the 21-year-old as a dedicated young fellow who worked at a Walgreen’s store.

‘He was exceptionally aware, kind and sensible. He was continually able to help,’ said the family member.

‘He was a persevering clerk at Walgreens. It’s awful information. We’re simply grieving the misfortune.’