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Peter Stager was born in Washington D.C. during the riots in the US Capitol. An Arkansas man accused of beating a metropolitan police officer with an American flag pole. In a criminal complaint, he is accused of saying that the police officer mistakenly thought he was an Antifa member.

Stager filed a criminal complaint in federal court. The brutal attack on a police officer with multiple people hitting him with different objects while lying on the ground was recorded in a viral video. You can view this video here, but remember it is very disturbing.

Peter Stager Age

Her Is 41 Year Old

Peter Stager Arrest (Arkansas Man Accused of Beating D.C. Cop With Flagpole)

The complaint is that the FBI is named only B.M. He received a notice that one of the attackers was Peter Francis Stager. Confidential information identified Stager from two videos posted on Twitter. The complaint says that someone portrayed him among a large group on the Capitol Stairs. Online records say Conway has ties with Arkansas.

A city not far from Little Rock. Online registrations link it to an inactive one-family home building company. Several pro-Trump rebels have been selected and charged in connection with the riots; Stager’s political record is listed as “optional.” There were no known social media accounts. Stager shows up in Arkansas court records with only a minor traffic case.

Stager climbed the stairs holding a flagpole with the flag of the United States affixed to it and used the pole to hit B.M. B.M. He remained prone to the steps of the U.S. House building, ”he says, and his official duties were to lead to civil unrest, which illegally accused him of“ obstructing, obstructing or attempting to intervene in any firefighter or law enforcement officer acting lawfully. is the event that causes. ”

Some believe the video’s beating shows Officer Brian Sicknick, who died after being attacked during the riot. However, it shows that there was a different officer who was beaten instead.

In a video posted on social media, Stager said, “Everyone inside is a traitor. Death is the only remedy for those in this building, ”the complaint alleged, adds that the authorities believe the building is the Capitol and everyone there appealed to the politicians inside.

A secret informant spoke to Stager over the phone and admitted to being on video, according to the complaint.

The complaint says Stager told the informant that he “did not know that the man he hit the ground with the flagpole was the police, and he thought that the person he hit was Antifa.” The complaint, however, says that a photograph that officials believe shows Stager “holding a flagpole with an American flag” clearly stated “Metropolitan Police” on the officer’s uniform.

Therefore, officials believe Stager knew that the person who shot him was law enforcement.

The complaint alleges that the informant had told him that Stager had told him to apologize to the informant and his children for his actions, and that he wanted to surrender.

Stager says that he was attributed to “being tear gas or tear gas” and that is why he made his comments in front of the camera, “and adds in this complaint that it is” possible by law that he had received tear gas. ” bailiffs. ”

On January 6, 2020, Officer B.M. Washington D.C. The Metropolitan Police Department (only initials were given in the complaint) “was working in the evening shift in his official capacity. During this shift, B.M. The complaint has been directed to report to the US Capitol Police in their mission to secure the US Capitol, ”he says.

Between 16:00 and 17:00, B.M. “He walked through an inner tunnel of the US Capitol and undertook a mast on an archway that provides access to the outside of the building. The approximate location of the B.M. is indicated by the B.M. and blue markings below.”

While standing with other uniformed officers, B.M. saw hundreds of people gathering. “Some of these people were throwing various objects at the law enforcement group and waving them,” the complaint says.

“While a group of people stood on the arched road to prevent them from violating the US Capitol and wearing the official MPD uniform, some of these people dragged him down the stairs with the B.M.
Parliament building. These people are B.M. He took a prone position on the stairs and began to forcefully and repeatedly shoot B.M. with various objects in the head and body. ”