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She was a British businesswoman who was killed in the Gurnell Leisure Center parking lot in Greenford, London, on June 6, 1991. She was stabbed more than fifty times while sitting behind the wheel of his car.

As of 2021, her murder has not been resolved.

Penny Bell Age

She Was 30 Year Old

Penny Bell Murder, Investigation

Investigating the murder of 30-year-old Penny Bell in Greenford, detectives revealed that a witness came out saying she had seen a man in underwear on the day she was killed.

The mother of two was stabbed more than 50 times in her car at the Gurnell Recreation Center in Ealing on June 6, 1991.

Her killer was never caught. Detective Sergeant Susan Stansfield of the Met’s Special Case Investigation Team took to BBC One’s Crimewatch Live Wednesday to share the latest news on the case.

DS Stansfield announced that a new witness appeared in January 2019 to report that he believed he had seen a man dressed in underwear on the pedestrian bridge crossing the pedestrian bridge crossing A40 Western Street in Greenford the day Bell was killed.

According to the witness, who remembered seeing the man between 10.50 and 10.55 in the morning, the man looked wet, as if he had been washed.

The witness described the man in his early 30s as tall and tanned with short brown hair that was lighter on top.

blue striped boxer shorts, a white T-shirt, and a thick chain link bracelet, and was carrying a backpack.

DS Stansfield and his team want to hear from anyone who remembers they witnessed something similar.

Following some previous media coverage, a new witness has emerged with crucial information that could help us catch Penny’s killer.

DS Stansfield said, ‘He didn’t see any news or news in the media at the time, and now he’s brought the two and the two together and spoke to a member of my team.

Did you see anything weird also when you thought it was connected right now? Or did you see this guy in underwear too and didn’t think anything?

“Then we should speak to you as soon as possible.”

In the months leading up to Bell’s death, extensive construction work was carried out with her husband and two children on the estate in Denham, Buckinghamshire.

Bell, 43, is said to have kept a meticulous record of spending on construction work.

Three days before his death, Bell went to a bank on Kilburn High Road and withdrawn £ 8,500 from his shared personal account.

The money was paid to Bell in used 50 pound bills and handed to him wrapped in a brown envelope.

It is believed that Bell did not mention this withdrawal to anyone and did not mention it in his financial notes. £ 8,500 has not been disclosed and the reason for the withdrawal is unknown.

The day Bell died, he seemed to be in a more rush than usual and told one of the builders working at his home that he had a date he couldn’t miss.

He was last seen leaving the house at 9.40 am in a pale blue Jaguar XJS.

At noon, the police were summoned to the Gurnell Grove Swimming Pool after reports of a woman covered in blood and falling into the driver’s seat of her car.

Bell died on the spot.

Witnesses saw Bell collapse in the vehicle at 11.05 o’clock but thought he was asleep. About 300 people used the parking lot in the entertainment center that day.

The bell was found piled on the passenger seat. The gray handbag was open and placed behind the front passenger seat.

Nothing seemed to be stolen from the bag, which contained all of Penny’s personal belongings and did not appear to have been scrambled.

There was a sample of wallpaper underneath Bell’s body in the center console of the car, and the officers believed it was unfurled there, as if Bell were staring at him or showing someone else before the attack.

An autopsy revealed that Bell suffered more than 50 stab wounds.’The morning Penny was killed was a clear sunny day and nearly 300 people are believed to have used the parking lot or recreational facilities, meaning there should have been many witnesses who could assist our investigation, ” said DS Stansfield. .

Approximately 250 people using the entertainment facilities between 9 am and 11 am were interviewed and eliminated. It is known that more than 60 drivers parked their cars in the parking lot during this time.

‘No one interviewed witnessed the attack or the killer’s escape, as if they had disappeared.’

Speaking to Crimewatch, Bell’s daughter Lauren said: ’30 years is an extremely painful turning point, but with the help of Crimewatch and its audience, we may be one step away from finding the perpetrator who is still walking between us.

“Any information will change our lives for us as a family, and the result will mean that we can eventually find a result.”

Anyone who could provide information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the killer could be awarded a £ 20,000 reward.

Over the years, a number of people came to the fore on Greenford Road who claimed to have seen a Jaguar car similar to Bell’s on the morning of his death while driving chaotically.