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Pawel Relowwicz, 26, was convicted of the murder and the rape of 21-year-old Libby Squire.
Miss Squire’s body was found by a fishing boat in the Humber Estuary in 2019.
Relowicz raped him on the fields in Hull, Oak Road before putting him in the river.
Bars in Hull’s small student district were lively on snowy Thursday night, when Libby Squire disappeared without a trace in January 2019.

The terraced streets around Newland Boulevard are marketed by allowing agents to be ‘the epicenter of student life in Hull’ – and that’s exactly what got the ‘sexually deviant’ predator Pawel Relowicz to settle there.

He left the village of Warszewice in northern Poland (population 616) five years ago with his wife, now 26, and both found jobs at the pork producer Karro Foods’ factory in North Yorks, Malton. Relowicz was given a role as a butcher in the cutting and processing facility, which has seen an investment of £ 500,000.

For those in the city’s Polish community, he was ‘a normal, friendly, hardworking family man.’ However, he followed young women at night in their homes and masked the ‘uncontrollable sexual perversion’ he nurtured. Relowicz looked from the windows of student houses to young college students lying naked from interference in sexual acts, broke into their homes to steal underwear and sex toys, and left condoms behind as ‘business cards’.

He ‘patrolled’ the interlocking streets around the family home in the silver Vauxhall Astra and kept the pink bag with him holding the ‘trophies’ he stole during his sexual raids. However, Relowicz escaped suspicion despite increasingly insulting sexual behavior, including street masturbation.

Her hairdresser, Iwona Reczulska, knew that both Relowicz and his wife used Solo, the salon where he worked, near their home.

He told Mailonline: ‘I remember how happy and excited he was to be a father when [his wife] got pregnant with his first child.

[His wife] also came to the living room to get a haircut and they looked like a very normal, hard-working family.

He worked five days a week in the bacon factory about an hour away. He wasn’t a drinker, he always said he liked spending weekends home with his family. He was a normal, friendly, very quiet man I was. ‘

Relowicz, one of seven brothers and sisters, had few friends and was a devout boy who loved to bake cakes and feared blood, his 53-year-old mother, Marzena.

He said: ‘Pawel hated violence and blood and would shed tears and tears when he cut himself while growing up.

“I was surprised when he got into the butchery business in England, but he was reluctant to get it – he needed money to support his family.”

He went to a local gym in Hull and had a temporary involvement in football, but he had a few close friends, spending his time at home with his little kids or following the streets.

During his trial at the Sheffield Crown Court, Richard Wright, QC, said that at the time that led to Libby’s murder, Relowicz’s sexual urges were ‘out of control’ at the time, and Relowicz agreed.

He was told that he left the used condoms behind at the trial because he wanted to terrorize the women he occupied their houses and ‘kicked’ them knowing that he was masturbating while he was there.

Relowicz continued its behavior throughout 2017, 2018, and 2019 and was caught only when it was too late for LIbby.

He was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison in August 2019, after pleading for nine crimes, including theft of sexual belongings and voyeurism at Sheffield Crown Court.

Judge Jeremy Richardson of QC told him: ‘It’s clear that you have sexually perverted traits in your character. This has led you to commit these crimes that, taken as a whole, could only qualify as a sexually deviant guilt campaign.

Your behavior caused great distress for a few young women in Hull. I see you as a potentially very dangerous person. You lived with your wife on Raglan Street in Hull. Your home was near Hull University and the nearby student accommodation. For about 19 months since June 2017, you have behaved very disturbingly towards young women living close to where you live. ‘

Years of predatory behavior resulted in Libby Squire, who was unfortunate enough to face him while drunk and clumsy, away from a student night at the nearby The Welly venue.

Several people tried to help him, but he gave up when he wanted to leave Libby’s company.

Relowicz admitted to the jury that he was looking for ‘easy sex’ outside that night. He approached Libby out of curiosity as he ‘cried and screamed’.

When asked whether she found Libby attractive, Relowicz said, “She was a very beautiful woman.”

Libby, 21, was crying, lost his keys, and his knee bleeding from falling repeatedly on snowy ground.

Seizing his luck, Relowicz, under the pretext of helping him, put him in his car and drove him to nearby Oak Road playgrounds where he raped him on the frozen ground next to his car.

In this sexual assault, which Relowicz insisted on his consent, he ended LIbby’s life and then dragged him to the banks of the Hull River surrounding the field. He launched Libby into the ‘cold waters’ of Hull, where he reached the Humber and then moved to the sea. His body was spotted by the crew of a ship passing off Cleethorpes in March 2019.

Relowicz insisted that he consented to sex, despite explaining to the jury that Libby was happy to go with him and his situation.

He said: ‘Hey man,’ he said, and I said, ‘What’s up?’ I said. She said she needed some help, she wanted to go to her mother.

Mr. Wright asked him: ‘He is drunk, cold, trembling, weeping terribly, he knocks his head, he wants his mother. It was when you set out, right?

Relowicz lied: “Yeah, that’s right.” Our beautiful, loving, wonderful Libby: Student Libby Squire’s heartbroken parents expose their pain as a Polish butcher convicted of raping and murdering his 21-year-old daughter
Libby Squire’s heartbroken parents paid emotional tribute to their 21-year-old daughter today after an immoral Polish butcher was convicted of rape and murder.

Pawel Relowicz, two married fathers, 26, had an ‘uncontrollable sexual perversion’ and raped student Libby before throwing her ‘dead or dying’ on River Hull.

He tried to invent a series of lies about his involvement in murdering the 21-year-old boy – but today a Sheffield Crown Court jury solved his callous deception and found him guilty.

Speaking outside the court, his mother Lisa – along with Libby’s father Russell Squire – said that the guilty verdict ‘did not change anything’ and did not ‘close’.

But he said that the memory of Libby, his ‘beautiful, loving, wonderful daughter’, who is a student of Hull University, will always be with us. Ms. Squire said: ‘We are delighted that all the hard work and dedication of the police and legal teams is appreciated.

As a family, today’s decision does not change anything for us.

‘There is no shutdown, we can’t get Libby back, our lives aren’t going back to normal.’ Libby will always be with us and we are all proud of our beautiful, caring, wonderful girl. physically taken from us, the memories we have and the love we share will never be taken. ‘

Relowicz, the married father of two, took Libby just outside Hull’s Beverley Road after realizing he was drunk and vulnerable on January 31, 2019.

The philosophy student was out with his friends, but was not allowed into a club.

After Relowicz noticed her, she took her to the nearby Oak Road playgrounds where she raped her before brutally throwing her into the Hull River.

His body was found on a fishing boat in the Humber Halici about seven weeks after he was reported missing on February 1, 2019.

As the jury foreman read the verdicts, Relowicz showed no emotion. He will be convicted in the same court tomorrow.

Ms. Squire’s parents held hands and cried as they awaited the announcement in the public gallery facing the court.