Who Is Pauline Bauer? Wiki, Bio, Arrested, US Capitol, Investigation & More facts You Need to Know

Who Is Pauline Bauer?

                                        Pauline Bauer Arrest

On January 6, a woman from Pennsylvania allegedly broke into the US Capitol, demanding that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other lawmakers be handed over to the rebels, shouted: “Get them out now. Criminals. They have to hang.”

According to the FBI, Pauline Bauer of Pa.Kane told Metropolitan police officers who were blocking her entry into the hallway: “Bring Nancy Pelosi right here. We want to hang that damn b. – Get her out. If you don’t get her out. What are you trying to do, protect a damned Nazi? ”CA

She was arrested today, along with another McKean County, William Blauser, on various charges related to the riot.

Before arresting him, the FBI found comments on Facebook from Bauer’s profile saying he repeated false QAnon allegations and also entered the Capitol.

Bauer was arrested on charges of obstructing justice; entering a limited building; erratic behavior in a confined building; and violent entrance to a limited building. Blauser was accused of breaking into a prohibited building; erratic behavior in a confined building; and violent entrance.

The FBI received clues from five people about the alleged involvement of Bauer and Blauser on January 6. One of the witnesses frequently went to a restaurant belonging to Bauer and her husband in the Kane district and said that Bauer “became more political last year, and it began, according to the FBI’s arrest document, because people were constantly disturbed by his political rhetoric”.

A sixth witness told the FBI that Bauer arranged a bus from the Kane area to Washington, D.C., for then-President Donald Trump’s rally before the uprising. The revolt cost five lives and damaged millions in the historic Capitol building and was purged.

At least three police officers tried to prevent the crowd from entering the Capitol gate, where Blauser and Bauer entered. According to the FBI, Blauser walked back to get through the door.