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Paula Williamson,  was discovered at home by her partner lorry driver Peter Jones in Gordon Avenue, Sneyd Green, Stoke-on-Trent on July 29, 2019, area coroner

Ms Williamson, who was an animal lover, was described by family in court on Wednesday as a “brilliant” daughter and a “lovely girl”, who was just “teetering on the edge of getting her life back in order” when she died. She had suffered with mental health issues and had previously made two suicide attempts in previous years, but had lately found happiness with Mr Jones, who she had described as her “angel”, the court heard.

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She Was 38 Year Old

Paula Williamson Died & More Facts

Stoke-born Mrs. Williamson announced last year that she and Mr. Bronson had applied for the annulment of their marriage, studied performing arts at the University of Manchester, and played minor roles in Coronation Street and Emmerdale.

He met the famous criminal in prison in late 2016 and they got married in November 2017.

Ms. Serrano, who lives in Stoke and North Staffordshire Coroner’s Court on Wednesday, heard that Mrs. Williamson, also known as Paula Joy Salvador, had a previous history of “anxiety and depression.”

The investigation was told that on the Sunday evening before Ms. Williamson’s death, her partner, Mr. Jones, had been drinking outside with a friend while staying at their home.

Mr. Jones said when he returned from the night he was “angry” that he was so drunk that he had not been allowed into a nightclub in Hanley by a doorman before.

At that time, what he described as a “small incident” happened at home, where he spoke of getting a knife and a bouncer, but Mr. Jones “calmed him down” and finally went to bed at midnight.

However, when Mr. Jones, who was sleeping on the couch to leave him alone, went to check on him at 6.40 on Monday, he found him lifeless in bed, on his back, and called 999.

There were signs that he was vomiting, and next to him were two white sealing bags; one contains cocaine, the other is empty, but it also contained cocaine.

A toxicology report found traces of the drug as well as alcohol and other prescription drugs in his body.

Bronson, now known as Charles Salvador, wore a striped top as a relative of Mrs. Williamson, in a video link for the trial.

The forensic officer asked if he had any questions: “First of all, respect Paula’s mother’s condition.

“In my opinion, there must be two assholes in this courtroom; the one who gave him the drugs and the other; the old geek in his house, the one who reported and had to look after him.

He wants to know why the police didn’t investigate the mess that gave him drugs in the first place.

“Because if I was out, I would get his name and address within 24 hours.”

The forensic officer heard evidence that Williamson was uncertain when and from whom he bought the cocaine, and mentioned that he wanted to get some cocaine outside at night.

Ms. Serrano also heard that the actress used prescription drugs, including tranquilizers, and had traces of a strong pain reliever in her blood.

The forensic officer cited Williamson’s cause of death as multiple drug toxicity, but ruled out the suicide outcome on the grounds that “there was nothing to show that he was not happy” at the time of his death.

Ms. Serrano said: “She was happy and in a message she wrote to her partner,” you gave me a reason to live, “and she was planning a life forward with her.”

The forensic officer concluded, “Paula had received a large number of different substances, one of which was cocaine, which worked together and caused her to die.

“She took them without appreciating the effect it would have on him.”

Previously, the forensic officer had to step in when he was referred to as a “puppet” by Bronson, after Mr. Jones gave his statement.

Ms. Serrano then had to warn the infamous prisoner about her behavior over and over again.

Bronson concluded by telling Mr. Jones that he blamed himself “totally responsible”: “I’ll have a little chat with you later, don’t worry about it.”

Ms. Serrano later intervened: “This is not a place where we share the crime and I will not allow anyone to make veiled threats to people at court.”

Bronson replied: “I never threatened, I just made a promise – but I’ll take this off my mouth, your honor.”

When getting up to leave the trial after finishing his proof, Mr. Jones, who was visibly saddened by a friend of Mrs. , Today is over. ”

When the investigation was concluded, his brother Dave Knapper told the coroner that his brother had a “happy childhood and good upbringing”.

“Maybe because his acting career didn’t start, maybe he was looking for something to replace him – a backup – and that’s one of the reasons he married Charlie.”

The family “did not approve” of the marriage with Bronson, but when he met Mr. Jones one year before his death, his mother, Hazel Williamson, said Mrs. Williamson “looked much happier”.

She was determined to act from a young age, and maybe she was so sad (for her) that it didn’t happen the way she wanted.

She was a wonderful and lovely girl.