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Wallington, 25, who was fatally injured in a bar in Brentwood, Essex, in the early hours of Christmas Day 2018
Death after a single punch in front of the Vine Bar in Brentwood, Essex

Paul Wallington Killed, Investigation

A 1.8-meter bouncer who killed a person with a single punch later sent a message to his friends offering “tips on how to punch”, the court heard. Leslie Wiseman, 31, is accused of manslaughter after the death of 25-year-old Paul Wallington, who was fatally injured in the early hours of Christmas Day 2018 in a bar in Brentwood, Essex, Mr. Wallington suffered severe head injury after falling to the ground sometime after fist – and four days later, on December 29, when life support was closed, he died in hospital.

Wiseman from Eastwood, Essex, a bouncer at the Vine Bar near Brentwood, where the incident occurred, refuses to kill. The former bouncer alleges that he acted in self-defense at his trial at the Basildon Crown Court.

In the days between the attack and the death of Mr. Wallington, the jury heard that Wiseman sent WhatsApp messages to various friendship groups about the incident, such as “I caught him like a dream” and “I will give you clues on how to punch you”.

The investigation, Christopher Paxton QC told the jury that Mr Wallington and his girlfriend had joined the bar and Mr Wallington was dismissed after an argument. Around 12.09, Mr Wallington was outside the bar trying to discuss his case when he was shot.

“He’s falling backward and his head hits the road, and his skull is cracked and lies unconscious on the road,” said Mr. Paxton.

“The punching defendant almost seems to be looking away from Mr. Wallington, apparently pulling his body away from him.

“For someone who turns away from the aggressor, we hardly say the actions of someone acting in self-defense.” Mr. Wallington was hospitalized when his condition worsened, and life support was closed on December 29th.

Mr. Paxton added that Wiseman sent a message stating that “he will not go to jail because he is right”, as well as messages that offered “clues about how much he punched”.

The prosecutor said: “Mr. Wiseman is six feet, eight inches tall, physically well built and strong, weighing 24-25 stones.

“Mr. Wallington was about seven inches shorter than the defendant.