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Police detain a woman as people gather at a memorial site in Clapham Common Bandstand, following the kidnap and murder of Sarah Everard, in London, Britain March 13, 2021. REUTERS/Hannah McKay

Patsy Stevenson Arrest – Viral Photos

Woman arrested with viral photos at the Sarah Everard watch said the police presence was “embarrassing”
I was not doing anything. They threw me on the ground, I have pictures on the floor where I was arrested, and I’m 5’2 and I don’t weigh anything, ‘said Sarah Everard, a woman arrested by the Metropolitan Police on the London watch, sparked outrage in the UK, calling the police presence “embarrassing.”

Images of Patsy Stevenson’s seizure were shared on social media, causing many to criticize the Met’s harsh approach to the largely peaceful meeting.

Scenes of violence led to the resignation of London police chief Cressida Dick, while criticism of the tactics of power was described as “sad” and “unacceptable” by politicians across the board. After her arrest during the watch, Stevenson spoke to the left-wing newspaper Counterfire, saying that she was “participating in supporting any woman – whether cis woman or trans woman – unable to walk alone on the street because of her. fears of men. ”

She continued: “Not all men – we know that – that’s not what we’re saying. But there is a need for a change where women have the freedom to live their lives in peace without fear. The emergence of the police was embarrassing because it was a peaceful protest before that.”

Stevenson said She was arrested by police officers simply for “standing there

She said: “I was doing nothing. They threw me on the ground, I have photos of me being arrested on the floor and I am 5 ıyorum 2” and I’m not weighing. Several policemen on my back were trying to arrest me. and we need your address and we will fine you, “they said.

To be honest, I don’t see the purpose of the arrest. I don’t know what this is for. ”

Her words come amid calls for Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick to resign. Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey shared a letter on social media calling for Dame Cressida to resign, writing: “Cressida Dick has lost the trust of millions of women in London and must resign.

“Tonight, the scenes in which the Clapham General watch police are in memory of Sarah Everard are utterly embarrassing and embarrassing to the Metropolitan Police.

Elsewhere, Nottingham East Labor Party MP Nadia Whittome tweeted the hashtag “#CressidaDickResign” video footage of police officers pushing women during the watch.

Both the #SackCressida and #SackDick hashtags on Sunday morning were trending, and users across the political spectrum repeated calls for its removal.

Speaking at LBC on Sunday, Stevenson said about Dame Cressida: “I want to sit down and chat with him. In this case, I think dialogue is very important. ”

She added: “We were there to remember Sarah, we were all deeply sad and still doing this, so I brought a candle with me but unfortunately I couldn’t even light it to extinguish it because the police came and battered it. their way. ”

Stevenson said She would attend a demonstration in Parliament Square on Monday afternoon.

She said: “I think the main point is that… women don’t feel safe and feel unsafe walking down the street. And that’s the lowest thing we should feel the freedom to do, and I think it’s terrifying that it’s been going on for so long.”

Meanwhile, one of the organizers of the Reclaim This Streets action, which was canceled in Clapham, accused the Metropolitan Police of “systematically ignoring and oppressing women.”

“I think we were shocked and really upset and we watched videos of the police holding women during a vigil about violence against women by men. Jamie Klingler told the PA news agency.

“Nobody intrudes” See what this looks like? “He didn’t say. On Thursdays and Fridays they wasted our organizing time by dragging us to the Supreme Court to protest our human rights and we were going to stand guard in silence.” We were doing it to protest.

“Especially today is Mother’s Day. It’s International Women’s Day week. And instead of allowing and facilitating this as the Lambeth police asked – and this police force was very supportive – Scotland Yard gave us up and by doing so they silenced us and got the reaction they got last night.