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A Connecticut man was accused of nailing a police officer with a riot shield to a door during the Capitol uprising.

According to the Justice Department, Patrick Edward McCaughey III was accused of attacking, resisting or preventing certain officers or employees, civil unrest and violent entry or irregular behavior for his role in the uprising. Among the hundreds of rebels charged since January 6, including a Texas real estate agent who flew to the country’s capital on a private plane, and several members of far-right groups.

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Patrick Edward McCaughey 23 Year Old

Patrick Edward McCaughey Charged Investigation Reports

Prosecutors allege that McCaughey was among a large group of rebels trying to break through a uniformed law enforcement line to attack the Capitol from the lower west terrace door on January 6.

“Unidentified rebels may overhear the ‘new’ rebels planning and implementing the rotation of the rebels to bring them to the fore to fight law enforcement, various unidentified individuals shout ‘we need fresh patriots at the front’ and ‘we need fresh people’. ” The complaint states. “Unidentified rebels are heard to instruct the front line of the rebels to build a” shield wall “to prevent law enforcement from controlling the rebels with oleoresin cayenne spray.” The complaint states that McCaughey was in front of the crowd, “using an open police riot shield to physically press the left side of Metropolitan Police Officer Daniel Hodges”. In a video posted on YouTube, the police scream in pain as they are trapped between the shield and the door.

In another video, McCaughey tells the officer “just go home, buddy”, filing a complaint. He also heard him say, “Don’t try to use that stick on me, son,” as he continued to pressure Hodges.

“You see me. Just go home. Talk to your friends and go homeā€¦. Don’t try to use that stick on me. McCaughey, according to the complaint, I don’t hurt you in a video.”

The complaint states that instead of helping the officer, Hodges “violently” tore his gas mask, still squeezing his “bloody mouth” against the door. Behind McCaughey are many rebels against the police officer.

The complaint adds that McCaughey was seen hitting officers with the shield with the shield while telling other law enforcement that Hodges appeared to be injured.

“The brutal beating of DC Metropolitan Police Officer Hodges stands out in the overt indifference of the perpetrator to human life,” said deputy director Steven M. D’Antuono, “even after seeing shocking and gruesome scenes from the siege in the US Capital for days.” Responsible for the FBI Washington Field Office, said in a statement. “Patrick McCaughey’s actions are violent, barbaric, and completely out of control. The FBI will ceaselessly pursue those involved in this activity, and we will continue our unwavering commitment to ensure that all those responsible for attacks on law enforcement are brought to justice.” Before his arrest, the FBI and MPD, McCaughey. He sought help from the public to identify the bloody incident and posted pictures of the bloody incident on the Internet. A witness identified as a childhood friend contacted the FBI after seeing McCaughey’s newsletter. The witness also provided photos and videos taken by McCaughey during the riots.