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Otillia Piros’s relatives were devastated when they learned in late December that  was shot dead in her kitchen outside of New York City.

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Ottilia Piros 36-year-old

Ottilia Piros Murder (Investigation)

On Tuesday, New York police, Greece, announced that there were two suspects in custody in connection with the shooting and murder: Pirios’s daughter, Hannah Thomas, 17, and her boyfriend, Richard Avila, 16, Greek Chief of Police Drew Forsythe, at a press conference.

Each is charged with second degree murder and second degree offender possession of a gun.

Police alleged that the couple shot Piros in the head twice at his home near Rochester.

This woman who did not deserve this (shot and killed) was at the hands of her own daughter on the holidays, “At the Forsythe press conference. Think about this and how it happened. Our hearts are going to that family, to their friends, because it doesn’t get worse than that.”

The murder allegation came about on December 29, when Piros’ mother asked the police to have her daughter do a checkup for her when she could not hear from her.

Young people living in Arizona allegedly escaping with Piros’ car, according to police.

Forsythe early in the morning on December 29, St. Robert said they were stopped by a police officer in Missouri.

Court records obtained by the local WHAM station state that when they were stopped, young people traveled at 111 miles per hour. Avila was driving the car, and Thomas was in the passenger seat.

Forsythe told the two officers inconsistent stories about their identity and whose vehicle they were in, causing the officer to contact the police in Greece to check on Piros’ well-being.

That same morning, Piros’ mother called the police in Greece to check on her daughter.

Detectives from Greece travel to St.Petersburg to question the youth and gather evidence. He went to Robert.

The police found a gun from the vehicle.

“The ballistic analysis of the gun was completed and it was determined that this firearm was used to kill Otillia,” he said.

Forsythe says Thomas’s mother came to visit for the holidays when her mother was killed.

He did not say what the authorities believed caused the alleged fatal shot.

The teenagers are arrested and held in Missouri pending extradition to New York.

They did not enter any excuses. It is unclear if they are hiring lawyers who can speak on their behalf.

As Democrat & Chronicle reports, Piros, an avid animal lover, lived in his home for about 18 months. He lived with his father, who was recently sent to a long-term care facility, according to exit reports.

“This woman did not deserve this during the holidays at her own daughter’s hand,” Forsythe said. “Think about this, how it happened. Our hearts go to their families, to their friends, because it doesn’t get any worse than that.