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N’Taya Elliott Cleverley’s Wiki

Young mother N’Taya Elliott-Cleverley, 20, was found dead in an apartment in Liverpool, and now a 19-year-old man is charged with murder N’Taya Elliott-Cleverley’s body was found at a property in Prince Alfred Road Wavertree on Friday, January 29 early hours.

Liverpool Echo confirmed last night that a 19-year-old man was charged with murder.

Mohammed Diakite, also known as Nigel Diakite from Wavertree, Prince Alfred Road, was arrested.

This morning Sefton appeared at the Magistrates’ Court, where a French translator told him that he had been charged with the murder of Ms. Elliott-Cleverley.

Diakite confirmed her name, address, and date of birth and did not make a plea before the case was adjourned until Wednesday, February 3, for the hearing at Liverpool Crown Court.

It is believed that Mrs. Elliott-Cleverley, who appears to attend St Julie Catholic High School in Southern Liverpool, is the mother of a baby girl. A friend wrote: “I can’t believe this has happened to such a wonderful, wonderful friend. Thinking of Tay’s family, Saint Julie’s daughters, gorgeous daughter and friends. You will be missed by many. We all have our memories close. Good night mini BeyoncĂ©. we love you. ”

Another friend: “When I think of all of Saint Julie’s daughters, family, and beautiful daughter, I can’t believe she has a golden heart.” Said.

Another friend of mine wrote on social media: “RIP N’Taya soon went to think of your baby and family at this sad time” and someone below said “RIP Pretty lady.” he later said he was killed by the police.

A neighbor on Prince Alfred Road said he did not know anyone living on the property personally, but was shocked to hear the young woman’s death and said, “This is terrible, absolutely terrible news.

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Speight described the incident as “tragic”