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An American television writer and producer, he has produced several sitcoms such as All in the Family, Sanford and Son, One Day at a Time, and the 2017 remake The Jeffersons, Good Times and Maude.

Lear is a political activist who is part of the so-called Malibu Mafia that finances liberal and progressive cases and politicians. Lear was one of the silent partners of The Nation magazine and founded the American Way advocacy organization in 1980 to challenge the Christian right in politics. Supported First Amendment rights.

Lear was born in New Haven, Connecticut, to Jeanette (née Seicol) and peddler Hyman “Herman” Lear. [2] His father was of Russian-Jewish heritage while his mother was originally Ukrainian. He had a younger sister named Claire Lear Brown (1925–2015). Lear grew up in a Jewish home in Connecticut and held a Bar Mitzvah ceremony.

When Lear was nine, his father went to prison for selling counterfeit bonds. Lear thought of his father as a “tramp” and said that the character Archie Bunker (whom Lear portrayed as a white Protestant on the show) was partly inspired by his father, and the character of Edith Bunker partly by his mother. . However, Lear claimed that the moment that inspired him to advocate during his lifetime was another incident at the age of nine when he first encountered the infamous anti-Jewish Catholic radio priest Father Charles Coughlin while dealing with the crystal radio set. Lear also claimed that over time he would hear more of Coughlin’s radio sermons, and discovered that Coughlin would sometimes find different ways of promoting anti-Semitism by targeting people whom the Jews saw as “great heroes” like US President Franklin. Roosevelt.

Lear graduated from Weaver High School in Hartford, Connecticut in 1940 and later attended Emerson College in Boston, but dropped out to join the United States Army Air Force in 1942.

Lear joined the United States Army in September 1942. He served as a radio operator / gunner in the Mediterranean theater of the Fifteenth Air Force’s 772nd Bomber Squadron, Operation Group 463d and Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress bombers; He also described bombing Germany in the European theater. Lear flew on 52 combat missions where he was awarded four Oak Leaf Clusters and Air Medals. Lear was discharged from the military in 1945, and his World War II crewmates were featured in Daniel P. Carroll’s (tail gunner) Crew Umbriag and Turner Publishing’s 772nd Bomb Squadron: The Men, The Memories.


  • Personal

Lear has been married three times

1943–1956: Charlotte Rosen. It ended in divorce.
1947: Girl, Ellen Lear, a sex therapist
1956-1985: Frances Loeb (1923-1996). Publisher of Lear’s magazine. She left in 1983. It ended in divorce and received $ 112 million in divorce agreement from Lear.
1958: Daughter Kate Breckir LaPook, an executive, married CBS News medical reporter Jonathan LaPook.
1959: Daughter Maggie Beth Lear
Grandchildren: Zoe and Griffin Katz
1987 – present: Lyn Davis (1947–).
1988: Son of Benjamin Davis
1994: Twin daughters Madeline Rose Lear and Brianna Elizabeth Lear
Lear is godfather to actress and singer Katey Sagal.

Norman Lear Career Information & Winning


Lear had a career in public relations after World War II. His career choice was inspired by his Uncle Jack: “My father had a brother who turned a quarter every time he saw me, Jack. I wanted to be a press agent. That was the only role model I had. All I wanted was to be a man who could get his nephew a quarter.” decided to move to California to start over. driving around the country with her toddler daughter

On his first night in Los Angeles, Lear saw George Bernard Shaw’s production of Major Barbara in a 90-seat theater at the round Circle Theater on Sunset Boulevard. One of the actors in the play was Sydney Chaplin, the son of actors Charlie Chaplin and Lita Gray. Chaplin, Alan Mowbray and Dame Gladys Cooper sat in front of him, and Chaplin took the stage after the show ended.

Lear had a first cousin in Los Angeles, Elaine married Ed Simmons, who wanted to be a comedy writer. Simmons and Lear worked together for a company called The Gans Brothers to sell household items door-to-door, and later sold their family photos door-to-door. During the 1950s, Lear and Simmons produced comedy sketches for the television appearances of Martin and Lewis, Rowan and Martin and others. They often wrote for Martin and Lewis when they appeared on Colgate Comedy Hour, and a 1953 article by Billboard magazine stated that Lear and Simmons were guaranteed a record-breaking $ 52,000 to write for five additional Martin and Lewis appearances at Colgate Comedy Hour. year. In an interview with Vanity Magazine in 2015, Lear said that Jerry Lewis hired himself and Simmons to be writers for Martin and Lewis three weeks before the comedy duo made their debut at the Colgate Comedy Hour in 1950. He was the lead writer for The Martin and Lewis Show for three years.

In 1954, Lear performed the new Celeste Holm CBS sitcom Honestly, Celeste! During this time, he became the producer of NBC’s short-lived (26 episodes) sitcom The Martha Raye Show, after Nat Hiken quit directing the series. Lear also wrote some of the opening monologues of The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show, which aired from 1956 to 1961. In 1959, Lear created the first television series for Revue Studios, the half-hour western, starring Henry Fonda.

Starting as a comedy writer and then as a film director (he wrote and produced Divorce American Style in 1967, and both directed the 1971 film Cold Turkey starring Dick Van Dyke), Lear tried to sell a concept for a blue sitcom. . Collar the American family ABC. They rejected the show after two pilots were filmed: Justice for All in 1968 and Those Days in 1969. After the filming of a third pilot, CBS bought the show known as All in the Family. It premiered on January 12, 1971 with disappointing ratings, but it took home several Emmy Awards, including Best TV Comedy Series that year. The show was hugely successful in its summer reruns and flourished during the 1971-72 season and became the most watched show on TV for the next five years. After falling from No. 1, All in the Family still remained in the top ten after moving to Archie Bunker’s Place. The series was based on the British comedy Till Death Us Do Part, about an angry working-class Tory and his socialist son-in-law.

Lear’s second major TV sitcom was also based on Steptoe and Son, a British sitcom about a scrap dealer in west London and his son. Lear changed the setting to Los Angeles’ Watts section and the characters to African-Americans, and NBC show Sanford and Son instantly became a hit. Then, Maude watched numerous hit shows including The Jeffersons (a spin-off of All in the Family on Maude), One Day at a Time, and Good Times (Maude’s spin-off).

The common feature of most Lear sitcoms was that they were shot on videotape instead of film, used live studio audiences, and dealt with the social and political issues of the day. [Citation needed] Maude, famously Lear’s wife, was actually the [vague] brain of the series writer Charlie Hauck; But Frances herself would admit that the title character of the show was based on her.

Lear’s long-time producing partner was Bud Yorkin, who produced All in the Family, Sanford and Son, What’s Happening !!, Maude, and The Jeffersons. Yorkin broke up with Lear in 1975. He started a production company with writer / producers Saul Turteltaub and Bernie Orenstein, but had only two shows that lasted over a year: What’s Happening !! and Carter Country. The Lear / Yorkin company was known as Tandem Productions, which was founded in 1958. Lear and talent agent Jerry Perenchio, T.A.T. Communications, which co-existed with Tandem Productions in 1974 and is often referred to as Tandem / TAT in magazines (TAT Lear was one of the most successful independent TV producers of the 1970s. TAT was an influential and award-winning 1981 film about Ron Jones’ social experiment. He undertook the production of.

Lear also developed the cult favorite TV series Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman (MH MH), which was rejected as “highly controversial” by the networks and placed it in the first broadcast syndication with 128 stations in January 1976. A year later, Lear added another. MH MH, first run syndication program with All That Glitters. In 1977 he planned to offer a direct three-hour Saturday programming, with stations that occasionally placed the manufacturing company in a networked location.

Lear tried to return to TV production in the 1990s with the TV shows Sunday Dinner, The Powers That Be, and 704 Hauser, the latter putting home a different family than All in the Family. None of the series was successful.

Lear’s Act III Communications was founded in 1986 and was first led by Tom McGrath, who met Lear while negotiating on behalf of Coca-Cola about the acquisition of Lear’s former company, and then Hal Gaba, a former Embassy Pictures executive. [Citation needed] Including this: III. Sold to KKR in 1997. Curtain Theaters; Act III Publishing sold to Abry Communications; and Act III Publishing sold to PriMedia. Lear is also the owner of Concord Records and completed 50% of Village Roadshow Productions Pty Ltd.’s movie library and production assets in 2005 [citation needed]

In 1997, Lear and Jim George produced the Kids’ WB series Channel Umptee-3. Released on October 25, 1997. The cartoon was the first to meet the Federal Communications Commission’s then-new educational / informal programming requirements. [Citation needed] It got positive reviews, but the scores were low and it was eventually canceled after a season. The final will air on September 4, 1998.

In 2003, he voiced Benjamin Franklin at Lear South Park in the episode “I’m a Little Bit Country”. He also worked as a consultant in “I’m a Little Bit Country” and “Canceled” episodes. Lear attended a South Park writers’ retreat and served as an officer at the wedding of co-creator Trey Parker.

Lear is featured in the 2016 documentary Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You. [34] In 2017, he served as executive producer for a Day in a Day, the reboot of the 1975-1984 show of the same name that premiered on Netflix as a Cuban-American family starring Justina Machado and Rita Moreno. It has been hosting a podcast called All of the Above with Norman Lear since May 1, 2017. On July 29, 2019, it was announced that Lear was working with Lin-Manuel Miranda to produce an American Masters documentary about Moreno’s life with a temporary title. “Rita Moreno: The Girl Who Decided To Continue”. Lear and Act III Productions’ Who’s The Boss? It was announced that he would undertake the revival of the movie.


In 1967, Lear was nominated for an Academy Award for writing Divorce American Style. Lear was among the first seven television pioneers to enter the Television Academy Hall of Fame in 1984. Five Emmy Awards (two in 1971, one in 1972 and 1973, one in 2019) [39] and two Peabody Awards (a personal award in 1977 and an individual award in 2016). She received the Humanist Arts Award from the American Humanist Association in 1977. His star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is located on 6615 Hollywood Boulevard. In 1980, he received the American Academy of Achievement’s Gold Plate Award.

In 1999, President Bill Clinton awarded Lear the National Medal of Arts, “Norman Lear held a mirror to American society and changed our perspective.” Also in 1999, she and Bud Yorkin received the Film Lucy Award for excellence and innovation in creative work that enhances the perception of women through television.

On May 12, 2017, Lear was awarded the fourth annual Woody Guthrie Prize awarded by the Woody Guthrie Center based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The event took place at the Clive Davis Theater at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles. The Woody Guthrie Award is awarded annually to an artist who exemplifies the spirit and life work of Guthrie through music, literature, film, dance or other forms of art and serves as a positive force for social change in America. Previous awards include Pete Seeger, Mavis Staples, and Kris Kristofferson.

On August 3, 2017, it was announced that Kennedy Center made Lear, along with Carmen de Lavallade, Lionel Richie, LL Cool J, and Gloria Estefan, one of the winners of the 2017 Kennedy Center Honors Awards. US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were to sit with the dignitaries at the Kennedy Center ceremony on December 3, 2017 and were planning to hold a reception with them at the White House early in the evening. . “This will be an interesting moment in itself, as Lear and Estefan are particularly outspoken with Trump and his policies,” said Ted Johnson, senior editor of Variety magazine. It was later announced that Lear would boycott the White House reception. In the end, President and Ms Trump did not participate.

Lear was honored as The New Jewish Home’s Eight over Eighty Gala 2017 award. In 2019, Lear was awarded the Britannia Television Excellence Award.

Net Worth

Norman Lear Net Worth:
$200 Million