Noah Green Facebook Posts Show Nation Islam, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Noah Green’s Facebook posts show an ideology of an Islamic Nation

The suspect, who died in the Capitol attack, in which a police lost his life, filled his social media posts on Facebook with the ideology of the Nation of Islam.

  • The social media giant said that Green has suspended its Facebook and Instagram accounts as part of its policy on dangerous people and organizations.
  • Our thoughts are with the Capitol Police and their loved ones after this horrible incident,’ said a spokesperson.
  • The suspect’s name has been identified by NBC as 25-year-old Noah Green, based on law enforcement sources.
  • Green’s Facebook was spotted by before it was removed, calling him ‘Farrakhan’s Follower’.
  • It contained several posts that were praised for saving Nation leader Louis Farrakhan.
  • Posts on Green’s Instagram page seen by CNN talked about conspiracies about the FBI and the CIA.
  • Green said they poisoned him and targeted him with unauthorized operations and ‘mind control’.
  • One post – just two hours before the attack – described the federal government as ‘Black’s # 1 enemy’
  • Green killed Capitol police officer Billy Evans at 13:02 on Friday with a blue Nissan Altima.
  • Green was later shot dead by other police officers. The second cop’s situation is stable and not threatening.
  • The cause of the attack is unclear, but it came less than three months after the January 6 riot
  • President Biden orders flags lowered to half staff in honor of murdered police

He wrote about “the last times”, compared the controversial Nation leader Louis Farrakhan with Jesus, and described a long spiritual quest. A former athletic biography – 25-year-old Green, born in Virginia, was a college and high school athlete – said she wished she could meet Malcolm X. The Facebook page was deleted quickly, but not before Heavy saved public posts. They don’t get a glimpse of Green’s policy as he doesn’t write about Republican or Democratic parties or Joe Biden or Donald Trump or any other politician. They give a glimpse of his ideology and show a man who stuck with the Nation of Islam religion described as a hate group.

You can see the screenshots from the page below. No other social media account was brought to light immediately.

Capitol police said the suspect crashed his car against two Capitol police officers who set up a barricade outside the US Capitol on April 2, then jumped out of the car with a knife and lunge towards the officers. They say he hit the police officers with his car; the police then shot him dead. Capitol Police Officer William Evans was killed. The second officer was hospitalized, but his condition was not released. Police say they are not sure what the cause of Green is and they think it is not related to terrorism, but they say they are investigating anyway.


Green, referring to Himself as “Noah X”, “At the Center of the Faith of My Faith … Louis Farrakhan’s as Jesus

As recently as March 2021, the suspect wrote with admiration for Malcolm X’s mentor, the now deceased Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad. Green referred to himself as “Noah X”.

He wrote that his faith helped him overcome countless problems in life, and he wrote that “I didn’t have much to endure” as he faced “fear, hunger, loss of wealth and fruitlessness”. In another post, he said “there is a lot of confusion in my point of view in this day and age”, citing “the ongoing COVID crisis, unemployment, rising National Debt, political division, war rumors, and so on.”

Green said, “My faith is one of the only things that can carry me back to these times, and my faith is focused on the faith of Mr. Louis Farrakhan, the last divine reminder among us, Jesus as the Messiah.” He later wrote that he helped him to maintain my master’s degree despite getting a well-paid job and not growing in the best conditions. My ultimate goal was to learn business. “He said he wanted to develop his” black and brown communities “in the United States. But writing that he was no longer on that path, he said,” The road is broken because God (Allah) chose me for other things. Throughout my life I set goals, reached them, put them higher, and then I was asked to sacrifice them. “This mission was held on March 17, 2021, Britannica described Muhammad as” the leader of the black separatist religious movement known as the Nation of Islam (sometimes called Black Muslims) in the United States “. Farrakhan is an Islamic Nation leader known for his Black separatist teachings and anti-Jewish interpretations.

The Southern Poverty Law Center sees the Nation of Islam as a hate group, writes that it sees whites as “demons,” and “Since its founding in 1930, the Nation of Islam (NOI) has become one of the richest and best known organizations in black America. “The theology of innate black supremacy against whites and the highly racist, anti-Semitic and anti-LGBT rhetoric of its leaders gave NOI a prominent position in the ranks of organized hatred.”

The suspect’s name was first chosen by MSNBC’s Pete Williams and other NBC journalists who said he was 25 years old and from Indiana. Authorities have not yet confirmed the name.

On March 17, Green issued a “certificate of completion” from the Nation of Islam. It was labeled “The Saviors Day Gift 2021” and was presented to Noah X of Norfolk, Virginia, for “recognition of your sacrifice while building your promise and completing your 2021 savior’s day gift for $ 1,085.”

Green shared a video of Father Louis Farrakhan on his Facebook page. It was a YouTube video called “Crucifixion of Michael Jackson”.

According to the SPLC, the founders of the Nation of Islam claimed that “ more than 6,000 years ago, the black race lived in a paradise on earth destroyed by the evil sorceress Yacub, who created the white ‘demon’ through a scientific process called inoculation. ” . ”

They “preached an impending doomsday era of white sovereignty and insisted that the reign of evil will end with the emergence of God on earth … Following this, NOI envisions an epic struggle in which the Nation of Islam will play a key role in preparation and education. “The Nation of Islam teaches that interracial marriages or interracial mixing should be forbidden,” he adds.


Green Wrote That He Was Undergoing ‘Unimaginable Tests’

Also on March 17, in another post, Green stated that he has had numerous difficulties in his life, which he calls “some of the greatest, unimaginable tests”.

“After leaving my job partly due to troubles, he is now unemployed, but is ultimately seeking a spiritual journey,” he said.


The Capitol attacker was severely ill the night before the attack that killed the 18-year-old senior police, and sent a text saying ‘I will be homeless’ for fear of the federal government targeting her with mind control.
  • Noah Green’s brother, Brendan, told The Washington Post that one of the last things he heard from him was
  • his ‘I’m sorry’ message on Thursday evening.
  • ‘I’m sorry but I’m just going to go live and be homeless,’ Brendan said he read the text.
  • Brendan said that his brother was severely ill that evening and left the apartment they shared in Virginia.
  • It is unclear where Green went between this time and the incident at the Capitol on Friday around 13:00.
  • Green was first chosen by NBC as the perpetrator of the attack
  • Capitol police mowed Billy Evans with a blue Nissan Altima at 13:02 on Friday.
  • Capitol Police confirmed on Friday evening that the other officer was in a stable and non-threatening situation.
  • Green defined himself as ‘a follower of Farrakhan’ on the Facebook page he removed.
  • Social media posts reveal fear that the federal government is targeting him with ‘mind control’

The Nation of Islam follower, suspected of killing a Capitol police officer, ‘became severely ill’ the night before the attack and texted his brother to tell him that he would ‘go live and be homeless’.

Noah Green’s brother, Brendan, told The Washington Post that one of the last things he heard from him was his ‘I’m sorry’ message, just hours before he was shot and killed by police officers in the US Capitol on Thursday evening.

“I’m sorry but I’m just going to go live and be homeless,” Brendan said in the text. Thank you for everything you do. I admired you as a child. You inspired me a lot. ‘

Brendan said that his brother was severely ill without detailing what happened that evening and left the apartment they shared in Virginia.

It is unclear where Green went between this time and the incident that occurred around 13:00 in the Capitol on Friday.

25-year-old Green, who wrote on social media that he believed the FBI and CIA had poisoned him and targeted him with mind control, was first selected by NBC and the New York Post as the perpetrator behind the attack.

Green allegedly killed Capitol Police Officer Billy Evans, a retired 18-year-old, after he and another unidentified officer were knocked to the ground with the blue Nissan Altima.

Green, from Indiana but with ties to Virginia, later got out of the vehicle with a knife and was shot dead by other police officers.

Capitol Police confirmed on Friday evening that the other officer hit by the car was in a stable and non-threatening condition.

The tragic incident occurred less than three months after the January 6 riot in the US Capitol and a week after the wire fences were removed from the area. Police did not explain the reason for the attack – or officially confirmed Green as a suspect – but Robert Contee, Deputy Head of the Metropolitan Police Department, said it did not appear to be related to terrorism.

His family and friends told the Post that they were increasingly concerned about his mental state in the years leading up to the attack as he fell into deep paranoia and suicidal depression from a star of Green’s college football team.

Brendan said that his older brother, who had hallucinations, heart palpitations, headaches, and thoughts of suicide, called him about two weeks ago, crying and seeking help.

Brendan told the Post that he was ‘in really bad shape and really bad shape’. Green later moved in with his brother in Virginia.

At that time, he posted on Green’s Facebook page that he was on a ‘spiritual journey’ after having a ‘difficult’ past for ‘a few years’ and recently lost his job. In an article dated March 17, he wrote, “Satan’s dominion over us has risen.”

To be honest, these last few years have been tough, and these last few months have been harder. I’ve tried it with some of the biggest, unimaginable tests in my life, ‘he wrote.

‘I am currently unemployed after I quit my job, partly due to hardship, but ultimately seeking a spiritual journey.’

Green went on to describe Louis Farrakhan as ‘Jesus, Christ’ and ‘raises the dead, makes the blind see and hear the deaf’.

I see him as my spiritual father. Without his guidance, word, and teachings I learned along the way, I wouldn’t have continued, ” he wrote.

Preach to the crowds, summon a million black men to Washington, and oppose the most powerful government of modern times. He did miraculous work not only with me, but with the lives of millions of people. ‘Green also wrote in the post that he’ unknowingly ‘took a drug that he said caused him’ symptoms related ‘pain.

I was on the right track and everything I had planned was coming out. It took long hours, plenty of work and exercise to keep me in balance while experiencing a range of related symptoms along the way (I unknowingly believe the medications I took had side effects) ” read the post.

‘But because Allah (Allah) chose me for other things, the road was broken.’

Green signed Brother Noah X’s message.

On the same day, he uploaded a picture of a certificate issued to Noah X, who accepted a $ 1,085 gift to the Nation of Islam.

His family and friends said Green thinks a former teammate and roommate at Christopher Newport University drugged him with Xanax in 2019.

They said that many people doubted his claims, but Green said it made him addicted to drugs and had persistent mental health problems.

Andre Toran, a former teammate at Christopher Newport University, said Green was ‘laughing’ but ‘quiet’ up to this point but later ‘paranoid’.

‘He was really paranoid from that point forward,’ he told Toran Post.

Green’s brother said that his brother moved to Newport News alone until he finished college.

She suddenly left her home on Newport News in January and moved to Indianapolis, saying that drugs inspired her to go there.

Brendan said that his older brother started to say that people broke into his house.

He said he went to check Green’s apartment and the house was safe but Green’s ‘mind didn’t seem right’.

Posts on Green’s Instagram page that went to the attack seen by CNN on Friday spoke of conspiracies that the FBI and the CIA broke into his home, poisoned him, subjected him to unauthorized operations, and targeted him with ‘mind control’.

Brendan said that a few months ago Noah moved to Botswana.

While in Africa, he told Brendan that ‘his mind basically told him to commit suicide’.

He told his brother that he jumped in front of a car and was so badly injured that he underwent surgery at the hospital, which resulted in scars and bruises.

A former college friend said Post Green was a ‘standing man’ and never saw any signs of a mental health challenge.

He was on the dean’s list. He was a motivator. This was Noah that I knew, and whatever happens today, this must be his legacy. He should be remembered as a positive man, ‘said Damian Jiggetts.

Green said ‘shy, quiet and to himself’ but also ‘a person you can talk to’. The Facebook page displayed by prior to Green’s removal described the Christopher Newport University graduate as a ‘follower of Farrakhan’ and contained several posts praising Nation leader Louis Farrakhan for saving him.

It also contained links to Farrakhan’s videos and posts about the Nation of Islam.

His brother said that in January Green applied to change his name legally to Nuh Zaeem Mohammed.

The trial was due earlier this week on March 30th, but he never came.

Less than two hours before driving a vehicle through the barriers in the Capitol, Green posted a series of Instagram stories in which he named the US government the ‘No.1 enemy of Blacks’, CNN reported.

In another Instagram post about a week ago, Green claimed that the CIA, FBI, and other government agencies had caused him ‘terrible ailments’, including ‘multiple home escapes, food poisoning, assault, unauthorized hospital operations, mind control’. .