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Nicole Smallman & Bibaa Henry Wiki – Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman Were Stabbed to Death

The mother of the stabbed sisters said the murders were not met with riot due to their race
Mina Smallman, the first female chief editor of the Church of England of black and minority ethnicity, lost her daughters Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman last year.

A grieving mother whose two daughters were stabbed to death in a park said she believed their deaths were not met with the same outcry as Sarah Everard because of their race.
Bibaa Henry, 46 and 27-year-old Nicole Smallman, was attacked on June 6 at Fryent Country Park in Wembley.

The brothers were congratulating Bibaa and their bodies were reported missing before they were found.

Mina Smallman gave an interview to the BBC on Friday and was asked about the public’s reaction to Everard’s death, causing widespread protests across the country, while Bibaa and Nicole’s deaths were met with a much quieter response.

Mrs. Smallman, the first female archdecaster of the Church of England of black and minority ethnicity, reported that her daughters were missing, but it was her family who found the bodies while she was doing her own searches. Two police officers were arrested and suspended for allegedly taking selfies with women’s bodies.

When asked by the police if their race meant “no urgency” to call them, Ms. Smallman said: “Absolutely, I am convinced. I think the concept of” all people matter “is absolutely correct, but this is not true.”

Smallman said that Prime Minister Boris Johnson, London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Interior Minister Priti Patel expressed their condolences after Ms. Everard, indicating a difference at the level of “howl”.  “Other people in this world get more praise than people of color.

“From my point of view – all women, women of color, women of color – we are on the same journey, going on a journey to say that we all matter.”

But she said that the deaths of her daughters “did not see the same support, the same cry.”

After the seizures and protests after Ms. Everard’s death, Ms. Smallman said her friends and family also noticed the difference in the reaction to her daughter’s death. “Excuse me, where was so much anger and anger killed for your two daughters?” She said what she said. ”

Ma Smallman said that when Ms. Everard disappeared while watching the news with her husband, she “sent her emotionally back in time”.

She added: “I know what that family will go through. This is hell. ”

“If your child goes missing, you deserve people who get paid to do that job, and you learn what happened to them.” A serving police officer was charged with the kidnapping and murder of Everard, and a separate officer guarding the location of his bodies allegedly sent a mime about the murder to seven of his colleagues.

Ms. Smallman said, “You wouldn’t believe in understanding what it means to lose a child under these circumstances.

“And then we have an agreement to have more betrayal – exactly what is paid and they will act in a way that they protect us, honor us, and give our deceased dignity.”

She added: “Not only did Sarah’s parents hear Sarah lost, but they also had the insult of making a breast – how heartless.” Metropolitan Police told Mirror: “Our thoughts remain with the families of Bibaa and Nicole after their inexplicable disappearance. “As part of a wider investigation on various issues, the Independent Bureau for Police Conduct is evaluating the police’s actions when Bibaa and Nicole were reported missing.

“This is after a referral from MPS’s Professional Standards Directorate (DPS).”

An 18-year-old man is accused of murdering Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman.