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A man was arrested for violating the coronavirus rules after holding a regular meeting during the lockout where the community was distributing free soup to disadvantaged members. Nick Smith was detained in the weekly soup kitchen he set up in his neighborhood last Monday. Skate park in Forest Row, East Sussex, as social distancing is reportedly not observed and masks are not worn.

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He is 51 year old

Nick Smith Charged Investigation Reports

Nick Smith, 56, was detained last Monday at the weekly soup kitchen he set up at his local skate park in Forest Row, East Sussex, after it was reported that social distancing and masks were not observed.

Police initially tried to fine Smith, the father of four children, for violating coronavirus laws, but refused to provide his contact information and was therefore arrested and now subpoenaed.

However, the former London-born IBM sales coordinator says: ‘What I do is completely legal. People who do charitable or voluntary work are exempt from the rule “not to be allowed to assemble in a group of two or more” According to governmnet guidance, people can leave their homes and gather in larger groups to ‘provide volunteer or charitable services’, but ‘this should not be for socializing and should only be for permitted purposes,’ he said.

Mr. Smith, who was diagnosed with cancer three years ago and treated himself naturally without chemotherapy, posted online a video of the clip he was caught – handcuffed – over 94,000 views. In Smith’s arrest, it is heard that a police officer announced a meeting of about 15 people in the soup kitchen as a ‘clear violation of the coronavirus law’.

However, because Mr. Smith is handcuffed, one of the onlookers says: “Is it so dangerous that you should handcuff it? You don’t have to handcuff it.”

Another says: “He makes good soup. He made the soup and people gathered and drank a cup of soup.” Explaining why he founded the soup kitchen during the pandemic, Mr. Smith said, ‘The inspiration was to go beyond distinction.

Due to the current situation of endless deadlocks, there is a lot of anger and aggression going on even among my friends and I wanted to do something to change that, something that would make a positive difference.

So I came up with the idea for Love Soup – a really healthy soup, made with love – and giving it to people in need. He wasn’t altruistic at all – for me it was: I felt like I wanted to do something active in this crazy split I witnessed. He contacted people he knew who were active in the Forest Row community. “They said I had to go through some official channels, but it will take time – about nine months – but I wanted to do something right away,” said Mr. Smith, who designed and built India’s first skate park in Goa in 2003, and then Bangalore, Delhi. Building more buildings in Pune and Bombay took a hit three years ago when he was diagnosed with malignant melanoma, a form of skin cancer.