Who Is Nicholas Reardon? Wiki, Bio (Police Officer Who Shot Ma’Khia Bryant) More Facts You Need To Know

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At a press conference on April 21, 2021, officials said Nicholas Reardon was the police officer Columbus, Ohio,

who shot and killed 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant.

Nicholas Reardon Shot Killed Ma’Khia Bryant, Investigation

Columbus, Ohio, police released a graphic body camera video showing Columbus police shooting  Ma’Khia Bryant. You can watch the video in this story, but remember in advance that this is very disturbing.

Ma’Khia Bryant Body Cam Video

Nicholas Reardon Shot The Ma’Khia Bryant

The mayor said at the press conference that there is an ongoing investigation into the “tragic death” of the teenager. Temporary Police Chief Michael Woods revealed Reardon’s name. “Our goal is to provide information as quickly as possible,” said Woods. Said. He said the state of Ohio was “conducting a criminal investigation into this incident”. They played three additional body cam videos. They also made two 911 calls. “The officers tried to take life-saving measures immediately after they were shot,” Woods said.

You may hear chaos in the background during the first 911 call. “Come here now!” “There are girls here who are trying to fight with us, to stab us, to put their hands on our grandmother. We need a police right here,” a woman officer told.

Bryant’s family claimed that Bryant himself called the police, but the police said he could not confirm or deny this. Here is the video of the press conference featuring the 911 calls. On April 20, 2021, just hours after the shooting death, the police and the mayor released a body camera video showing Bryant attacking two other women before he shot him. The police said he was armed and a knife appeared in some frames and on the ground after he was shot. However, outrage broke out on social media, often citing the young age of the girl. Under the law, officers have the legal right to use lethal force to protect their own or someone else’s life from sudden harm. However, no official decision has yet been made about the Bryant shot.

Public Security Director Ned Pettus Jr. described Ma’Khia’s death as a tragedy, saying his heart was broken for the family.  could be my grandson,” Pettus said. “No matter how you look at this, it’s a tragedy.”

You can watch the police body cam video above. The police played the graphic video at a press conference, just hours after death. The police chief admitted it was unusual to post the video so quickly, but said it was done in the name of transparency. Be warned in advance that the body camera video is very disturbing as it shows the moment the officer shot Bryant. The press conference starts about five minutes after the video above. Body cam video plays around 6:35 pm.

Police said the girl who was shot was “a woman who was trying to stab another person with a knife” when she was shot. The body camera video shows Officer Reardon arriving in a chaotic fight scene and Bryant attacked another woman who fell to the ground before moving towards a second woman next to the car, police said. The officer then shot him dead. The chief said that lethal force could be used to protect a third person. He said the conflict is under investigation. Officials said they had “never been able to post the video so quickly”, but felt it was important to be transparent by answering some questions as soon as possible. Reardon was filmed on stage in the live broadcast video that aired right after shooting.

“The racist a ** b **** who shot this poor girl,” one woman said in a live video on Facebook. He said the officer said the girl “tried to stab him”.

“This is someone’s damn girl,” the woman said in a live broadcast. You can watch it here and below, but be aware that it is annoying.

“They shot a 15-year-old black girl 12 times in the chest 4 times !!!” made the claim. He claimed to have removed a post written by Facebook, “This is the jerk that shot him in the chest 4 times because he got a knife because someone tried to jump because he didn’t ask him to take it down he didn’t ask questions or nothing & He called them for help. Smh F *** Nicholas. Reardon is a fairly new police officer in the Columbus force, which has been in effect since December 2019, according to the city.

One woman who said she was Bryant’s aunt expressed her anger at the scene and said that her nephew was a loving person who did not deserve to die “like a dog on the street”.

the call came in around 3:45 pm. April 20, 2021 at Legion Lane 3000 block in Columbus.

“We normally don’t give out information in such a short time, but we understand the public’s need, desire and expectation to have transparency about what happened,” said interim police chief Michael Woods. At a press conference on 21 April, the authorities announced that the search came as an inconvenience – not an attempt at stabbing, some stations reported.

However, the chief said that at 4:32 pm, a caller was referred to the address after a caller said “the women are trying to stab them and put their hands on them.” There was “a great turmoil in the background” in the 911 call.

“The caller reported that a female was trying to stab them, then the caller hung up,” reports Columbus Dispatch. Franklin County Children’s Services released a statement saying that 16-year-old Bryant was a foster child in Franklin County’s care. Child Services. “It was a tragic event and the FCCS maintains its relationship with the family during this difficult time,” says Bryant, who said he was fatally shot in Southeast Columbus.

The girl’s aunt, Hazel Bryant, told The Dispatch that Bryant lived in a foster home and “got into an argument with someone else at home.” She said it was ma’khia’s knife, but claimed she dropped it before being shot multiple times by a Columbus police officer.

Reporter Lacey Crisp wrote: “Paula Bryant told me that her 16-year-old daughter Ma’Khia Bryant was an honor student and a sweet kid. Ma’Khia was shot and killed by a Columbus Police Department on Legion Lane at 4:30 today. “Paula Bryant says she is a nursing assistant on Facebook.

US Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) wrote on Twitter: “While the verdict in the Derek Chauvin case was being read, Columbus police shot and killed a sixteen-year-old girl. His name was Ma’Khia Bryant. She must be alive right now she. ”