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Nicholas Pingel has been identified as the gunman who shot and killed two innocent landlords in a series of home invasions in Kewaskum, Wisconsin, according to the Criminal Investigation Division of the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ).

DOJ, “On Wednesday, February 3, 2021, Kewaskum Wis.

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Nicholas Pingel 30 Year Old

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Pingel, 30, living in West Bend, Wisconsin, who died on the scene.

The two hosts lost their lives after being shot by Pingel with their own guns. Identified by the family of one of the victims as 72-year-old Ray Engelking. According to the report from the DOJ, local law enforcement agencies were called “to Forest View Road in Kewaskum Town after 911 phone calls from a resident reporting an issue. He broke into the house by asking for a vehicle key. ”

At the scene, “the first MPs to arrive met an armed suspect in Forest View Road. Washington County Deputy Sheriff Lee Goodman and the suspect – 30-year-old Nicholas S. Pingel of West Bend – were shot mutually and the suspect was shot by law enforcement. ”

The release continues, “An environment was established and a drone found a subject matching the suspect’s description a short distance north of the lawmakers’ first meeting. Officers approached and found the suspect who died of a gunshot wound. A firearm was also located near the deceased. Autopsy, Mr. Pingel. “died as a result of the law enforcement round.”

Goodman is on administrative leave, which is standard practice during a shooting investigation involving a police officer. “He’s a nine-year veteran in Washington County law enforcement,” officials said. The investigation continues.

Two “innocent citizens” died in a chain of deadly events in northern Washington County’s rural town of Kewaskum, in southeast Wisconsin, according to an earlier statement from the Washington County Sheriff.

Washington County Sheriff’s Department said two Wisconsin homeowners shot down by a suspect in Kewaskum Town were killed with their own guns.

In one case, the 72-year-old host, Engelking, was disarmed from a gun he received for protection and was killed in front of his wife. In the second case, a 77-year-old landlord was shot in his garage after the suspect found a shotgun in his home, according to the sheriff’s statement on February 5th.

According to the Sheriff’s Department, the storyline began around 2:30 pm on Wednesday, February 3, 2021, when the suspect steals a car in West Bend City. He crashed in his town, according to the description, “when he failed to cross a bend that resulted in an accident of turning around.”

Authorities say this led to the incident of first-house rape.

“The suspect was able to free himself and forced him into an empty house nearby,” says the evacuation.

At that time, a 52-year-old Port Washington woman “got into an accident and pulled over to see if she needed help.” “She ran into the suspect who physically attacked her and tried to get her car. The suspect crashed that car while he was walking out of the driveway. ”

At that time, the suspect ran to his home at 8100 block of Forest View Road. There, five minutes later, she broke into the locked front door of the house and met the hosts. She asked for the keys to their cars and she took them. She tried to walk away but couldn’t start the car. ”

At this point, the authorities said, “He returned home and physically attacked the old couple. The suspect once again left the house to steal the car. The male host bought a gun for protection. Tragically, the suspect managed to outwit the victim and seize control of the weapon. Then he fatally shot his 72-year-old landlord. ”

According to the news release, the suspect “later tried to shoot his wife, but there was no firearm”.

“The suspect later fled to another house on the 8200 block of Forest View Road, where he encountered another resident,” the evacuation says.

“The suspect took a hunting rifle at home and fatally shot the 77-year-old resident just outside his garage. The suspect then fled the residence. This murder was not a witness. All victims in this incident were random and unknown to the suspect. Nicholas Pingel has a criminal record in Wisconsin court records. There are clear misdemeanor accusations for battery and erratic behavior.

He also has a 2016 criminal conviction for irregular conduct, a 2015 conviction for criminal intrusion into a house, and a severe criminal conviction for multiple theft crimes.