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The FBI said a Texan man accused of participating in the attack on the US Capitol earlier this month wore a shirt with a message that meant “killing the media” on Tuesday.

According to a criminal complaint, 30-year-old Nicholas DeCarlo was charged with obstructing a formal trial, breaking into a restricted building, and marching or demonstrating on the Capitol grounds.

Investigators said DeCarlo, from Burleson, Texas, was spotted in photos of smoking at the Capitol on Jan. 6. He also claimed to be working for MT Media News, which means Murder the Media News.

In some photos, DeCarlo was seen with Nicholas Ochs, co-founder of Hawaii’s neo-fascist group Proud Boys. The two were also spotted in a photograph inside the Capitol standing in front of a door that appears to be carved into wood, saying “MEDIA MURDER”. According to the FBI, DeCarlo was wearing a shirt and a hat with the thumb in the air “MT Media”.

Ochs was also arrested and charged with illegal entry into restricted buildings or areas.

Another Texan man named Garret Miller of Richardson, who raided the US Capitol, received an order Monday by US Magistrate Judge Rebecca Rutherford to be held in federal custody until his trial.

The FBI said Miller, 34, was arrested after participating in the uprising last week and posted violent threats on social media, including a call for the assassination of Democratic US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York.
Clint Broden, Miller’s attorney, said Miller was not interested in politics but became radicalized due to Donald Trump and the stolen election allegations.

US Deputy Attorney General Joseph Magliolo said Miller’s racist threats on social media about hanging a Black Capitol police officer by rope were alarming.

“He’s extremely dangerous. Please, please arrest this man,” Magliolo told the judge.

The FBI said Miller was “stuck” in the death of Ashli ​​Babbitt, who was shot dead by police in the building during the January 6 attack and sought revenge.

“You were hunting a Capitol Police officer,” Rutherford said. I have no regrets.