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Naiem Suleman Wiki – Uber Driver

52-year-old Naiem Suleman raped a 22-year-old drunk student and gave her STD in January 2019
He posed as a Good Samaritan before taking him to a secluded spot to attack him.
Uber delivery driver from Coventry was sentenced to nine and a half years. An Uber delivery driver who raped a drunk student after posing as a good Samaritan was sentenced to nine and a half years in prison.

52-year-old Naiem Suleman caught an STD after brutally attacking her victim when she left her friends one night.

He picked up the 22-year-old woman in the early hours of January 19, 2019 and offered to take her home, but Suleman, who worked as an Uber delivery driver, took the woman to a secluded spot where she raped before leaving. outside of his apartment.

The woman’s housemates found her in a distressed situation and she was wearing S├╝leyman’s work jacket bearing the logo of the company she worked for. She denied the rape, but was found guilty following the trial at Warwick Crown Court.

Yesterday, Suleman from Coventry was sentenced to nine and a half years in prison and ordered to register as a life-long sex offender.

Speaking at the criminal hearing, his brave victim said, ‘I needed help to get home to avoid being violated by a stranger. Before the event, I would happily go out with my friends, happy to dance and drink. I wouldn’t be paranoid like I am right now. Now when I go out, I drink an alcoholic drink and then water but I rarely go out. ‘

He said that his troubles affected his studies and that he eventually decided to leave the university as a result of his suffering.

I want to turn this tour from one of the worst days of my life into something positive, ” he added. I want to show this guy that I was helpless and vulnerable that night in January 2019. I’m not now.

The court heard that the woman had bruises on her neck and scrapes and scratches on her knees. Judge Anthony Potter, who convicted Suleman, was arrested after forensic evidence was linked to the crime: ‘You were working as an Uber delivery driver early in the morning and you came across a lonely and distressed young woman.

She was clearly drunk and could not look straight at herself, confused and could not remember where she lived.

He was only a short distance from his home, but it should be clear to you that he is confused and needs help.

But you didn’t try to help him or call the emergency services, your thoughts immediately slipped into exploitation. You got in your car and drove him to a secluded spot and raped him brutally.

What you’re doing after this sad incident is far from obvious, but what’s obvious is that somehow he was left in the house he shared. He found himself unable to remember what happened on the doorstep, but he was in such a troubled situation that his housemates felt they couldn’t leave him alone.

I treat you like a guy who pulls him into your car, probably with the promise to take him home. It was particularly vulnerable. He was not only very drunk, he was alone at night.

He couldn’t help himself physically, much less protect himself from someone like you.

You passed on a sexually transmitted disease to him, and no matter what effort he made to leave it behind, it had a significant impact on him.

Students are the lifeblood of the city and, regardless of how much they need to drink, they have the right to feel safe to go out at night and return home safely.

“No remorse has come from you and you continue to deny the guilt in the face of strong evidence against you.”

Speaking to the victim who attended the court to watch Suleman’s arrest, Judge Potter said, “You bravely said you were trying to leave this behind, and I hope you do.”

The court received a pre-sentence report that Suleman was ‘at high risk of harming female adults’.

Detective Officer Becci Jones of the West Midlands Police Public Protection Unit said: ‘Throughout this case, we are saddened by Suleiman’s refusal to rape the woman – so she had to endure a court.

But with the support of our specially trained officers he remained strong and resilient, and with his help we are now securing his conviction.

We hope this will bring him some comfort and wish him good luck for the future.