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William Billingham, who killed his daughter Mylee, found dead in Birmingham prison
58-year-old HMP reportedly found dead in his cell in Birmingham A Black Country father was found dead in HMP Birmingham, who stabbed his little daughter to death.

William Billingham was serving a life sentence for the murder of eight-year-old Mylee Billingham.

In January 2018, she brutally stabbed her daughter to death in her bungalow in Walsall, and was imprisoned for life in October of that year.

The Mirror reports that the 58-year-old was found dead in his cell in Winson Green prison on Sunday. A few minutes after Billingham grabbed the knife around his mother Tracey Taundry’s neck, she used a kitchen knife to kill Mylee. At her trial at the Birmingham Crown Court, prosecutors said that she “turned her anger” on Mylee to incite grudge against Ms. Taundry.

The court heard that the madman Billingham killed Mylee “violently” as “the last act of revenge”.

She then stabbed her stomach twice and tried to slit her throat. He was found guilty of the murder and was also found guilty of threatening to kill Tracey and was sentenced to life imprisonment for at least 27 years. Billingham moved from a different wing at HMP Birmingham in mid-2020. The transition to the wing, which houses old and frail prisoners, was apparently made after his health deteriorated.

A Prison Service spokesperson told The Mirror: “HMP Birmingham prisoner William Billingham died in custody on March 19, 2021. The Prisons and Probation Ombudsman was informed.

SAS Who Daring Yıldız’s brother died in prison while serving a life sentence for stabbing his eight-year-old daughter to death
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The brother of a SAS hero TV star died in prison while serving a life sentence for stabbing his eight-year-old daughter to death.

SAS ‘brother William Billingham -‘ Mark ‘Billy’ Billingham Who Won MBE? On Friday morning, the HMP was found collapsed in a chair in his cell in Birmingham.

The cause of death is not yet known, The Sun reported, but the killer is believed to have died before staff could reach him. His 58-year-old daughter was sent to life imprisonment in October 2018 after stabbing her daughter Mylee Billingham while pleading, “ Please dad, no father, cut it. ” He killed a vulnerable schoolgirl to return to his ex-partner, who started a new homosexual relationship.

Inmate from Walsall, West Midlands, moved from the P Wing to the comedian J Wing in mid-2020.

After Billingham’s health deteriorated, he was taken to the wing housing weak and elderly prisoners.

A source told The Sun: ‘He was found in a chair, officers opened it and found it.

He drove people crazy, he lived a life of luxury there.

“He worked on the waiter to help deliver food to his fellow prisoners.”

Billingham was sentenced to 27 years in prison after the brutal murder of his daughter Mylee, nicknamed ‘Moo’.

He was resentful of his ex-wife, Tracey Taundry, about her relationship with her new partner and was afraid that he would prevent her from seeing her children.

On January 20, 2018, Billingham waited for Tracey to pick up Mylee from her home, where she armed herself with a kitchen knife.

As the young girl was leaving her home, the father of six pulled her in a hoodie while shouting ‘mom, mother’ and ‘please dad, no father, cut it out’. Billingham then inserted the sword into Mylee’s chest ‘violently’ as ‘a final act of revenge’ against his ex in a ‘swift, deliberate and ruthless’ way.

Meanwhile, Ms. Taundry desperately tried to break the door as she screamed for help.

Just 15 minutes before the murder, Billingham posted a photo on Facebook of his smiling daughter eating pizza in his bed.

Officers and paramedics administered CPR to the teenager who was rushed to Birmingham Children’s Hospitals, where he was announced to have died at 11:30.

The conviction trial revealed how Billingham tried to take his own life in the middle of his trial by cutting off both ankles with a razor in his cell.