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Moses Geri Wiki – Arrest

Washington, D.C. The Weedsport man, arrested on January 1st in his district, may be planning to be part of the attack on the Capitol a week later.

Moses Geri, 38, is on the list of arrests for the attack published by The Washington Post on Thursday. He was arrested for allegedly using a gun while drunk in front of a hotel in the Arlington area.

Prosecutors told the Post that Geri had more than 800 shells, including white phosphorus and armor-piercing shells.

Attorney General, Arlington County Commonwealth Attorney Parisa Dehghani-Tafti was out of office on Friday. It is kept without back guarantee. Her bail was denied for the second time on Thursday, according to Virginia court records. His attorney, listed as William Turner, did not respond to the request for comment. The Arlington County Police Department, which arrested Geri, refused to provide the Citizen with any information about her arrest other than the first news release, and gave a summary saying that she “fired more than one firearm at more than one person while drunk”. The release did not contain any information about the ammunition Geri allegedly possessed. In response to the request for the Freedom of Information Act, the ministry said that the release of Geri’s arrest report is not mandatory under Virginia state law. The Arlington General District Court also refused to give the report to the Citizen.

According to the Department’s news release, Geri fired a gun near a hotel in the Rosslyn district of Arlington. One victim referred to in the release said that Geri raised the gun against her windows, then pulled a second gun out of her car and held her up as well. The police came to find Geri with a gun on the sidewalk and said he was obedient and had been detained without incident. Nobody was injured and no property was damaged.

Geri was accused of unloading a firearm twice in a public place, twice for unloading the firearm in / across the road, twice for swinging a firearm, twice for firing firearms within 1000 feet of a school. using a firearm carelessly and getting drunk in public. His next hearing will be held on 16 March.