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Morries Lester Hall, formerly known as Maurice, imitated Floyd as a friend and mentor. told the New York Times in an interview before June 2020 that he had known him as a Houston citizen for many years.

Morries Lester Hall, was in the car with George Floyd, 46, the day he died. DailyMail refused to testify in Derek Chauvin’s murder trial. has spoken to the public in the months since the incident outside of Cup Foods, and has repeatedly claimed that Floyd did not resist the arrest and tried to disperse the situation.

However, Hall, who is on the State’s witness list, submitted a surprise petition Wednesday evening to the Hennepin District Court that he would defend the Fifth if both sides were called to testify. Hall’s verdict came at the end of the third day of Chauvin’s trial, and jurors showed unprecedented footage of Chauvin trying to wrap Floyd around Floyd’s neck and get him into a patrol car.

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Is 42 Year Old.

Morries Lester Hall, who was in the car with George Floyd last year, initially spoke about the incident, saying Floyd did not resist arrest. He was also a key state witness in the murder case of police officer Derek Chauvin, who was seen in public until Floyd knelt on his neck and stopped breathing.

Surprisingly, Hall now objected to the Fifth Amendment and refused to testify at Chauvin’s ongoing trial. On Wednesday, March 31, 2021, Hall submitted a petition to the Hennepin County Court, where both parties would defend the Fifth if asked to testify. His verdict came at the end of the third day at Chauvin’s trial, when jurors saw an unprecedented image of Chauvin trying to wrestle Floyd into a patrol car around Floyd’s neck.

Before Floyd’s death, Hall had spent most of his Memorial Day with him on May 25, 2020. The two met at Cup Foods, where Floyd reportedly bought cigarettes with a fake $ 20 bill. When he was arrested by police officers Lane and Keung, Hall was in the passenger seat of the same blue Mercedes SUV as Floyd. Stating that Floyd was humble towards the police from the beginning and did not resist arrest in any way, Hall added that the image of his friend crushed under the officer’s leg will be etched in his memory forever. “He was crying out for anyone to help because he was about to die at the time. I’ll always remember the fear on Floyd’s face because he’s a king. This is what I have seen before, a grown man clinging to me, crying. Seeing a grown man die,” he said.

Why doesn’t Hall testify anymore?
After Floyd’s death last year, Hall agreed to serve as a key witness to the case. In fact, “I’m a key witness to the cops who killed George Floyd, and they want to know my side. Whatever I’ve gone through, it’s all over. It’s not about me.” Said. Also earlier, “I will walk with Floyd. I know I’ll be his voice. DailyMail notes that, despite his previous remarks, Hall did not appear to fully cooperate with the investigation. False name to the police at the time of Floyd’s arrest. Also the possession of firearms, domestic assault, and drug possession.” He had outstanding arrest warrants against him for his crimes.

Two days after Floyd’s death, he prayed where he died and hitchhiked back to Houston. On June 1, he was taken to a Houston prison and questioned by a Minnesota state investigator about Floyd’s death for more than 10 hours in solitary confinement.

Currently, Hall refuses to give witness testimony at the hearing. The legal document filed against Hall by the Hennepin County Public Advocate writes: “Mr. Morries Lester Hall… declares that if he is summoned to testify to all parties on this matter he will apply for the Fifth Amendment privilege against self-accusation.